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Money Reality, Writing Saves, How Many Ways?

Updated on June 19, 2015

What if Money Blew In The Breeze?

What if money blew in from the breeze.  What country has blue money?
What if money blew in from the breeze. What country has blue money? | Source
Trees of Expression, gold and green, the color of money in the USA
Trees of Expression, gold and green, the color of money in the USA | Source

Saving and Spending Tips

Are you guilty of twittering away your hard earned money on a bunch of little daily things that you don't have enough for bills or savings? Taking the time to moderate our spending habits can be a real eye opener and get us back on track.

We are much better at creating a workable budget than actually using it. As far as savings goes, it is crucial to our future in this day and age. We lament the many savings accounts we have depleted, yet all is not in vain, thanks to direct deposit.

There is something about having our paychecks safely tucked away to pay for our necessities. If we have to write a check for things; think twice. It makes it easier to walk away, if we have a credit card instead of a debit card. Cold hard cash is the hardest for me to part with.

We don't know why exactly, but when that cold hard cash touches our hands and we feel the change jingling in our pockets, we feel rich beyond our means and go splurging every payday on movies, or clothes, or what we think we need at that moment, forgetting the rent is overdue or is there milk in the house?

Another good way to make sure we have a future for ourselves is having a part of our pay go directly into some sort of savings account. Then before you know it, there will be enough there to transfer over to market CD's and IRA accounts.

Saving change has been the easiest to do, and we started saving the new five and ten dollar bills the government made for our weekend treats we can't live without. The novelty of these new bills helps the collector mentality in us save better for that rainy day.

Yes, it wasn't always easy if those new 5's and 10's were all we got when change came from the checks we wrote for over the amount. Yet it taught us we could do without more than we thought, and saving those like all the new quarters gave us a future purpose.

Cash Savings, Credit Spending

There is such a balance needed to not put all of our income into bills and such. We do need to keep a little bit of cash just in case. A good habit is to hide some away in our wallet, it does make us forget it is there for the impulse buying anyway.

How we spend the cash we keep out for ourselves is the key. Finding ways to stretch it out and not spend it frivolously is an important thing to learn in any economy. Yes, we may need pens and paper and folders galore, but do we need to really buy them brand new at the store? Often, even though it may take more time we have found some real bargains at second hand thrift shops and even garage sales.

Losing the Poverty Addict has taken some time and hard work of sorting out what we want and what we really need. For awhile there having any money left over felt like greed. We take care of ourselves better too and don't loose money or let it be taken away from us because of some carelessness. Trust issues had to be worked through with money too.

We are no longer the cash codependent, bailing others out of their financial irresponsibility, left us without a sense of reality for what we were suppose to pay. Mostly it left us giving flimsy excuses and our family in need and for a day maybe we looked good, but it sure didn't feel that way.

No excuses anymore, we've become important enough to ourselves to make sure our needs are met before we lend out our hard earned money to anyone else. Accepting that each one of us are free to decide how that looks for us was the key.

We try not to become seduced by the get rich quick schemes that always come when we scratch the surface of our dreams and forget that patience is the true reward and remembering that the doing of a project takes twice as long as the thought of it, for the most part a self trust that we will always get what we need, had to be where we began with any money in our hand.

One opinion, buying a scratch or lotto ticket, with some extra change is okay in comparison to using the last dollar to our name. We carried for years the guilt of the shopping sprees, even if they looked good, like specials sales on groceries and clothes, all those 2 for 1 deals aren't always as good as they seem. It is rather embarrassing to buy ice cream that way then discover that the one little quart cost more than we would have originally paid for a gallon! Buyer beware of sales like that when no price is mentioned and pay attention to their location in the store.

So we will try to spend along the lines of our true values and stop frittering away our hard earned money by trying to count all of our spending for a week. Keeping track of what we buy for snacks and curbing our urge for chocolate.

Discontinue our new books and movies and CD's mail orders. Do we really need a fresh bouquet of flowers from the store every week? And just because a plant is dying and on sale, we don't have to buy it and revive it.

Yet to keep us out of the poverty feeling rut it is important to do little things for ourselves that make us feel luxurious. We love to go window shopping and dream of new things we'd put in our home, then go on a hunting spree at a discount store or make a collage of pretty things we see. If it keeps coming up in our dreams, we start a money jar to save for it. We enjoy touring through open houses for sale.

We buy color books and crayons and construction paper and thanks to all the new flavors of creamer we even save money on lattes!

Squirrels Know How to Save

Busy Squirrel is good at storing his food.
Busy Squirrel is good at storing his food. | Source

Writing Saves Money

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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 5 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Buying flowers I wouldn't call wasting money, HA! Though I have started growing ones myself for the pleasure, grow seeds, grow. Thanks again for another great comment!

    • rosika profile image

      rosika 5 years ago

      Here are some great tips on saving money...I do spend money on buying flowers and I love them...I know it is just obsession that leads to waste of money...thanks for this article, your ideas will help me to stop myself from spending on unnecessary items!

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 6 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Practicing what I preach is the hard part, ha. I thought writing about it would make it a sounder philosophy. Ups and downs, a goal worth shooting for, I am always up for trying.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      It sounds as though you have found all kinds of ways to squirrel away money for the really important things in life and not squander it foolishly. Congratulations! This may give other people ideas.