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Money Saving Beauty and Glamor Secrets

Updated on December 29, 2013
Budget beauty secrets...shhhh ;)
Budget beauty secrets...shhhh ;)


Instead of paying $$/££ to get your eyebrows tinted why don't I suggest you buy a box of hair dye from your local drug store or pharmacy and only squeeze out a little of the colour and colour developer and mix. Apply some vasaline or moisturiser around the brow to make sure the dye doesn't stain the skin around your eyebrow and leave for 2-3 minutes. I have been doing this with a bottle of dye in my chosen colour from the local pound (dollar) shop and a year down the line I still have plenty I the bottle! Only mix what you need and reseal the bottles so they keep.They only activate when mixed so the will not go bad if yo keep re-sealing them.

Savings- At once a week for 1 year this has saved me 52x5= 260

Hate it when your favourite nail polish dries up?? Me too! Grrr But good news ladies...a little drop or two of nail polish remover in that bottle will restore it to it's good-as-new self! I have nail polishes 10 years old going strong because of this juicy little tip ;)

Saving- cost of throwing out a few dried up bottles on nail polish per year= 10-20ish = same amount saved! :)

Isn't a good foundation expensive nowadays?? Tell me about it!! Well I came up with a cheeky little idea to make mine last twice as long!!! Good news right?? So the trick is this- get your favourite foundation or the one you always wish you could afford but get it in a shade darker than you would normally go for. This is because you are going to mix it with a little plain moisturiser when you apply it. Whala! It is now you colour and lasts twice as long!!

Saving- up to 30 per year depending on how expensive your chosen brand is. :)


Get annoyed with your favourite fashion jewellery rusting and leaving you with green finger?? Simple! Just get some cheap clear nail polish and coat your jewellery in this. It will never green your finger again! No more having to replace your favourite ring every couple of weeks!

Savings- Whatever you would normally spend on replacing jewellery.

Speaking of much do you hate the curse of the single earring?? Why does this always happen to us?? Well don't throw it away just yet! Why not make the remaining half of your once upon a time favourite pair of earrings into your favourite new hair accessory? What do you need? Well a plain hair pin and superglue- make sure you let it dry before you stick it in your hair!

Saving- Your broken heart! :p

Thanks for reading my first advice column on money-saving beauty. Join me again tomorrow when I will be telling you how to make a gel or shellac manicure last 4 times as long. A saving of ££/$$ per month!

Grace xx doesn't have to cost the Earth... doesn't have to cost the Earth...


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