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How to reduce your bills

Updated on May 9, 2011

How I Save Money

Here in this article I will share my tips on saving money. Most of these money saving ideas are common sense, a lot of the money saving ideas in this article are not even mine but they work so are worth sharing.

Here in the UK we are having a tough time, I understand it's the same the world over. We are in debt, losing our jobs, losing our homes, household bills are increasing, food prices are increasing and petrol prices are through the roof; in short we need to save money

Frugal living has never been my style but thanks to the greedy bankers I have been forced to cut my cost's and it has been a surprising and beneficial exercise.

Saving money is actually a lot easier than I thought and it has certainly opened my eyes to the way I have been wasting money in the past, I would now like to share some of my money saving tips with you.

Save Money on Grocery Shopping

Reducing your grocery bill has got to be the easiest way to save money immediately.

Take a look at how much food you throw away, can any of it be re-used. What's in your cupboard? Do a mini stock check before you go shopping, make a list and stick to it, avoid impulse buys, just because it's on sale doesn't mean you need it. Shop around, don't buy it all in one shop for convenience, shop around and save money. Can you make it rather than buy it, if you can bake; do so it will be cheaper than buying it daily.

Use money off vouchers to save money, ask your friends and family for their vouchers if they are not using them. Go online and search for vouchers, you will be surprised how much money you will save. Buy own brand products rather than paying a premium for famous brands, look for stores that offer online ordering and free delivery, it's cheaper than travelling to them.

Get together with friends, family and neighbours and start a buying group, bulk buying from wholesalers is much cheaper than buying from a retailer.

How To Save Money on Your Utility Bills

My new money saving slogan is "turn them off"

When you consider how much electricity is used in the modern home it's frightening, turn lights, TVs and games consoles off when not in use. Don't charge your mobile phone until it needs charging; better still charge it in the office rather than at home.

Taking a bath uses so much water; have a shower instead. Does the garden really need that much water? Wash the car less.

Have more salads save on the gas cooker; in fact grow your own salad and save on buying it. Use a tower steamer to steam food; that way you are boiling one pan not three and it's healthier.

Utility suppliers rely on loyal customers to make profit, have you ever noticed how new customers get the best deals. Become a new customer, there are plenty of price comparison sites on the web, find a better deal then see if your current supplier will price match; if not switch and save money.

Check out if you get a discount for paying on time or by direct debit, most suppliers have a discount for good payers.

Learn How To Fix Your Car

Reduce your Motoring Running Cost's

This is probably the most expensive luxury, my car is a necessity or is it?

On short trips walk or cycle, cars use much more fuel on short trips and increases the wear and tear.

Public transport is cheaper than ever and is a great way of meeting people, use it!

If you want to save money; car share or once a week have a 24hr car free day, you will be shocked at how much money this can save you. Shop around for fuel, check on the Internet; most countries have a forecourt price comparison site, use vouchers and ask others for theirs.

Shop around for car insurance, if you find a better deal take it, remember what I said about loyal customers.

Learn to fix your own car, garage bills can become a thing of the past.

Save Money on Service Bills

Learn to do it yourself, we spend plenty of money on things we can do ourselves; why? Is the trip to the salon really necessary, can you mow your own lawn or walk your own dog?

Another great way of saving money is to find a local swap your skills club, these are a great way of getting the help you need with something you are unable to do in return you help someone with what you can do, if there isn't a local club; start one.

Money Saving Summary

Saving money isn't that difficult if you think about it, you just need to break the routine and think outside the box. I hope you have found this article useful and i really hope it saves you some money.

I am sure you will have money saving tips yourself, if you would like to put them in the comments box below I will get round to writing them up in the article and save more money.

One final thought, getting rid of the kids will save you a fortune but it's not really fair on the poor little mites so I left it out. 

Share your money saving tips here

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  • Aiden Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

    Aiden Roberts 

    7 years ago from United Kingdom

    Great tip, I will work it into the article, thanks for sharing.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Well written informative hub article.

    I always like to reflect back to yesteryear and imagine how they managed to get by without all of our modern-day appliances.

    For example: Instead of running the air-conditioning through the night when our summer night time temperatures make it unbearable to sleep I dampen a 'muslin/cheesecloth' cloth and place it on top of the kids with the overhead fan on the lowest setting. It cools them down enough so that they can fall asleep without too much moaning that they are HOT and when it is time for me to go to bed I remove the cloth and switch off the fan. This not only saves money and electricity energy but everyone gets to have a good night's sleep!


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