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Money You Have

Updated on August 10, 2009

Money You Have

I'm developing a website on how to use the money you have. It's time we take control of managing our own finances. Take the control out of the hands of creditors. We are experiencing the effects of having our money handled by credit cards and bill collectors who are designing programs to get more of our hard earned dollars. With over 25 years experience in handling my money and changing the way I control it now, I'm full of wisdom and ideas I'm willing to share with all of you, so we can turn this economy around.

Women go to college, get a degree, find a career you can work to contribute to society.  Don't let material things take control of your money.  Live below your household budget.  Be rich in what you have to offer others.  Be moderate in your spending.  Seek the man that wants to provide for his family and let him do so.  Be a help mate by taking an active role in how you control money.  Allow the household budget to be based on his income and your income puts money in the cookie jar for taking trips, buying the computer, savings,  vs. putting it on credit.  Your money will increase family assets to avoid small loans and credit cards.  Put your money in the layaway for future large purchases rather than rely on the credit lines established by others and the color of the card.

This economy would have new meaning to financial stability as  we all make this shift.  It won't happen overnight.  We'll simply evolve in how we respect and view money.  Each will have a different evolution rate.  In time, it will bring on a change as new generations adopt this concept. 


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