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Money and Living

Updated on September 3, 2013

Money and life

Why is it that life seems impossible to live, if we can't afford it?

First of all it costs a lot of money just to get into this world. Once you have grown from a mere thought to a physical cell to an embryo and then a fetus, then a baby. We then come through this dark, moist tunnel out into these bright lights and scream to let the world know we are here. Our parents then have to pay an enormous bill just to be able to take us home, that is if they have insurance.

We then experience this world from the perspective of our parents. The ones that supposedly wanted us and couldn't wait to have us. They guided and protected us to the best of their abilities and then we can't wait to get away and sew our oats and find our own way. We make all these wonderful choices that seemed to be right in the moment but turn out to be the opposite. We then find ourselves in deep trouble and try and revert back to our parents and get the "I told you so speech" and then squirm and try to escape yet again and we're off to the race of life. Then time and time again we keep going back for help and then this time there is none. You are on your own, no more help.

Oh my goodness now what? How am I supposed to live when money seems to elude me at the level that I need to just barely exist? I have heard of the Law of Attraction and listened to several lectures and watched the movie " The Secret" and they all say that you can be, do and have anything you want. It sounds wonderful but when it doesn't physically manifest into your experience it is a huge let down.

They make it sound so very simple and that all you have to do is write down and think about whatever you desire and it will come to you. Almost like rubbing the genie and all your dreams will come true. Well I want to know what happened to my genie? It sure as heck is not listening to me or I wouldn't be writing this article. Some say it will come just be patient. Well I have been extremely patient for years and years in fact but no outcome except barely getting by and bankruptcies ,bills out the wazoo etc... Not from over spending mind you, but just trying to live.

I have never owned anything. I have always rented. I am not greedy I just would like to pay my bills on time and not worry where the money is coming from. I have studied several different things and done o.k. for the most part until the recession hit and then everyone it seemed was struggling and they kept their wallets glued shut . Business seemed to come to a halt but the bills and debts did not. Now what?

How am I to survive in this world ? If you don't have money you can't buy the things you need to survive? It sucks that money determines your life and well being. If you have it you are doing great and if you don't you just want to leave this planet as that seems the only escape besides a big jackpot of some kind.

Life didn't seem so wonderful anymore and I wanted to leave several times. I just was so fed up of being in poverty. Why is it that without money one can't live? Why does it have to determine our happiness? It just doesn't seem fair. It makes me wonder why I am here? Like the movie title,What's it all about Alfie?

They say(the rules of the Law of Attraction) to not focus on what you don't want and focus only on what you do want. But when you are in a state of not having it's hard to lie to yourself about having. So the next step is supposed to be gratitude for even the smallest things. Bring yourself to a good feeling state of mind (again that is hard to do when you are feeling awful about not having the things you want).

So what is the answer? Are we doomed to a sad depressive state because we can't afford financially to live? I sure hope not.

It has been said that we have to stop wondering about the how's of how money or things we desire will come to us. We just have to have faith and believe that we will be provided for .

Look forward to hearing your experience with money and life if you wish to share it.

Thank you for reading.

Money and life

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Money and life

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