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Money is a Trust given to us by God!

Updated on August 23, 2013

God has entrusted us wealth. We should become trustworthy!

The topic itself may be amusing to many but there are facts which can not be ignored. As we know, we have not brought anything in this world while taking birth. Every little thing is added on unto us subsequently. It may be family wealth or any other form. Even one might have earned it through honest means during later years. In whichever way you consider it, "money, materials, relatives, friends and family, every single thing is a trust entrusted to us by god. How should we become trustworthy is the next question. A trust is normally for a limited period and not for our personal use. I can quote here, the example given by Sathya Saibaba!

There is a school head master. As long as he is holding the above post, he has to take care of the buildings, furniture, records and registers and he has to supervise the institution as per rules and make payments to teachers and staff as per the prescribed rules, keep account of every little penny etc., He has to maintain the school and class rooms as though it is his own. The Head Master is very much clear that nothing belongs to him in the true sense but he is the authority in charge for the school and he has to relinquish his responsibility once he gets orders of transfer or when he leaves the post on retirement.

God wants us to treat every thing entrusted to us in the above manner as the Head Master has handled, and be ready to relinquish the things with equal felicity without even a whimper. Most of the people in the world develops attachment to the family, possessions and money. It is very much certain that he has to relinquish every thing when the call for departure comes from providence. It is sheer foolishness to consider every thing as our own. When you develop such illusions, the parting away will be a painful one. We too should handle everything as the Head Master of a school.

God trusts each one of us and he bequeath us with many things. The idea behind is 'judicial management of money and things at our command and to ensure nothing goes wrong in the middle. It is in our volition to help the poor relatives and friends with the extra resources, we are blessed with. Not all are born with a silver spoon during birth. It is incumbent on every one to help the poor in times of need, provide them with basic necessities. We should never think that it is the responsibility of the government. But the Government is for the people, by the people and of the people as per the famous declaration of Abraham Lincoln. Every one should strive to help others. This kind of sharing our resources with the downtrodden expands our Love to a great extent. When we help others selflessly, without expecting anything, God is much pleased with ourselves. This is the main purpose of God to give us wealth and the discrimination needed to help the society.

Parents and Teachers are mainly responsible for inculcating such ideas in the children. Even in the Kinder garden classes, we have observed many children refuse to part with their pet items like color pencils, toys etc. But there are few children who readily shares their items with other children. This is due to the upbringing in the home. Parents should teach them to give it to others when needed. This is how charity begins at home. Helping tendency is a noble virtue, every children should develop.

In this context, I always remember Sathya Saibaba who was instrumental in forming "Bala Vikas program in India. The meaning is transformation of children. The children who are willing to undergo this moral education classes conducted by Sai Organization naturally turns up into dutiful citizens, helping volunteers and the best worker in any organization. Children are grouped into different stages according to the age group. Many valuable lessons are taught to them regarding their role in society, the comradeship they should cultivate in society. their sacrificing tendency to help others at any cost. They are groomed into god fearing individuals, helping their parents in the cores of the houses, taking care of their younger siblings. Above all they are taught to respect all religions and they are taught about the prophets and saints in each religion. Around fifty years ago Saibaba has started the program. Most of the older students are in their middle age (40 to 50), they man important posts in many leading industries. They follow the code of conduct evolved by Saibaba and every body has become a leading force in their organization, society and home. They are the most sought after by employers due to their adherence to Truth, personal integrity and commitment to the Job!

Bala vikas program evolved by Saibaba!


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