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Money saving tips for college students

Updated on May 31, 2011

Let’s face it, going to college is expensive. You have to pay for boarding, groceries, textbooks, transportation, and much more. Many students are getting swallowed in debt, because they are living beyond their means. If college life is draining your finances then these tips can help to save money.

1. Live with your parents.

Yes, this can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you don’t have the best relationship with them. If they’re not charging rent and still feeding your then it’s generally a good deal.

2. Apply for financial aide and scholarships.

Even if you don’t think you’ll get anything, it never hurts to try.

Ask your school about fee waivers, and scholarships.

3. Buy used or borrow Textbooks.

Books are expensive, if you’re a full time student; you will spend hundreds in one semester on just textbooks. Buy used books or rent them on-line. Some teachers will even reserve copies of books in the library.

4. Get free food.

If you’re looking under couch cushions for grocery money, then you may need to go to your local food bank. Don’t feel embarrassed; many hardworking people need donations at times.

5. Say good bye to fast food.

This is not only good for your wallet, its good for your health.

7. Leave the car at home.

Take the bus; many transportation services give a student discount. Organize a carpool with some of your friends. Ride your bike; not only is it good exercise, but you can save a lot of gas money.

8. Balance your checkbook.

Balancing your check book will give you a visual of how much money you have. Keeping track of your spending will also help create a budget. It will let you know when your can splurge and when to cut back.

9. Have freebie fun

Plan a hiking trip or picnic with some of your buddies; enjoying the outdoors is always free. Check to see if your city is hosting free concerts, or festivals. Museums and tourists attractions, sometimes offer student discounts.

10. Get a roomie

Getting 1 or more roommates will save you hundreds of dollars. A two bedroom apartment house 4 people. But always consult your leasing office before adding new tenants.


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