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If I Had Lot of Money to Fulfill My Dreams

Updated on September 6, 2014

All of us need money. Some of us are happy with little. Others want a little more. Yet others want still more. Only a few of us really want such huge amounts that their all goals and dreams are fulfilled. Those that say they want really huge amount of money (to which most of us belong) do not really want. They do not really want because they do not believe what they say. Yet they say they want because they see money fulfilling all their needs but do not really know how big or small that quantum is. They do not have actual figures that could take care of their needs. They do not even know their needs. There are basic needs that are really basic. Needs are not just necessary needs but much more. You may wish to give in charity, or do some great projects, or may do any other thing that you want to and these can become your real pressing needs.

I will tell you what. Have you seen how rich the charities are? Most of the religious charities go unaudited. The reason they are rich is because they have a pressing need for money. Their need is real and pressing. They need to feed and cloth and provide provisions for hundreds of thousands of destitutes, run educational institutions, and mentor people into productive and valuable citizens. The same goes for business organizations, they need lot of money because that is their pressing need and they must have it if these organizations and institutions are to run and function.

Go back to the history of these organizations. You will find most of them sprang out of the vision of a man or probably a group of few men, who at one time were perhaps penniless and resourceless. Money was their most pressing need. And they got what they needed. That is the story of Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Edison or any other institution builder you can think of.

Swami Vivekananda was a penniless wandering saint with a great vision. He too needed money because he wanted to build a great institution dedicated to serving humanity. Today his institution, Ramkrishna Mission, named after his mentor is a global organization in almost every continent and more than hundred nations. He needed funds to fulfill his dreams and he got it after much struggle and efforts.

Now let us begin from the beginning. What do you need the money for? Eat, drink and be merry. You will get it. To buy a car, a house, travel abroad, and stay luxuriously. You will definitely get it. However, you will get only as much as you need provided you really need. Need is something that makes your life difficult if not fulfilled. Need will rob your hunger and peace of mind. There are only two roads branching out of your needs. You either fulfill them or end up with depression, BP, and a host of other psychosomatic disorders. But if your needs are real and genuine you do not end up with physical and mental disorders because it is your need that you focus on. You do not covet other’s success or wealth. It is not their wealth and glory that fuels desire in you. Only when you feel jealous or covet others’ success or income that you invite physical and mental disorders because you let the negativity creep in.

The point being made out here is that if your needs for funds are genuine, real, and spring from an inner core; it is quite unlikely that you will suffer negative emotions that will ruin your health. Therefore, you have just one road ahead of you: To fulfill your dreams. Remember, your dreams are not empty wishes. You have invested a lot in your dreams. You may not be even aware how much you have invested in them consciously or unconsciously. When you invest in your dreams consciously, you also do it unconsciously. It is the unconscious more than the conscious that moulds, directs, and prompts your thoughts and behavior to the direction that fulfills your dreams.

The question is will you earn enough to fulfill your dreams? The answer is you will earn in proportion to your investments. The investments are time and effort you have put into your goal. The more real your dream or goal, the more you will invest. Your dreams and goals exist in mind. It may appear unreal, yet you think and plan and invest mental energy to it. You will notice your self moving closer to your goal over a period of time. They may now begin to appear more and more real, and a day comes when what was initially in your consciousness takes a shape.

That is probably the route through which your dream travels, but the journey remains incomplete for 99 percent of us. Some of us imagine a goal and the very next moment pronounce it is impossible. Your dream dies even before conception. Others nurture the idea for a long time but make no practical efforts because the belief is weak and your dream dies in its early pregnancy. Many a times, your dream has matured, you have invested a lot in it. You struggle through. You slog out. You cannot see the light at the end of the day and quit. You might have committed a cardinal sin, you may not have been even aware. You aborted an infant that was about to be born. If Thomas Alva Edison had done the same after failing nine hundred and ninety nine times (the figure may not be exact, but it was certainly close to thousand) when he couldn’t find the filament that could withstand heat without melting, some one else might have invented the electric bulb. If Lincoln had done the same after initial failures, he might never have become the President of the United States, for this was the first election ever he won despite contesting a dozen or more.

You will earn enough to fulfill your dreams provided your dream is something to meet which you are prepared to consign everything including your life to flames. Amen.


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