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Money: Your Guest or Hostage?

Updated on July 1, 2017

Hostage or Guest?

How do you handle money? As a guest or hostage? If it is a guest, do you follow proper rules of engagement? If it is a hostage, do you expect to make a good companion or be held in honour? The choice is always ours; although to each its own, what insights are available?

First, when money is your guest.

One philosophy I have upheld since my youthful days is that, money is a guest. Guests come, they also go. However, conditions can keep them longer than you expect when you follow one rule of engagement: wholesouled giving.

We are born with nothing, and we will also return with nothing, says the bible. So, when we have any financial privilege, do we really think it is enough to conclude that we have an everlasting asset that is ours and ours alone? That is a hostage situation which does not play out well always, and the answer is NO since we are all living on borrowed privileges besides the fact that all humans are also mortal. How long we enjoy that privilege is still our choice. Understandbly, giving is good, but how do we benefit?

Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates have practised wholesouled giving through demonstrably charitable donations. Now, is it any wonder that he is always at the top and time seems to be keeping him there and seems not to worry about replacing him? No. Figuratively, he has open palms and whatever comes back to his palms are the rewards of a wholesouled giving. So, it is no wonder that he enjoys a continual feast like other notable figures too. Therefore, it is highly instructive and insightful too to use the time we spend with our guests wisely before it is too late.

Second, when money is your hostage.

Those who delight in lucre(money obtained through dishonest means), who don't give at all or who give poorly have devised a hostage situation. This attitude, however motivated or organized, is against hardwork and divine timing. The recompense is that the hostage taker will never be held in good honour however successful he/she may appear to be. Although, a human hostage may or may not be released in time, the outcome will hunt the host too. They call it: the law of Karma. Sadly too, his/her good personalities will always be shrouded in a bad life. More to that, if a hostage taker does not release a hostage in time, he/she will have a FALSE SENSE OF CONTROL; unfortunately, the longer the hostage is taken, the more enemies he/she creates. Is it wise to take hostages? Before you answer, remember the outcome of wrongful ownership.

Finally, we can always draw insight too from a quote by an anonymous writer: He said, "When a child is born, it comes with a clenched fist, but the day a man dies, he dies with open arms." When a fist is clenched, nothing comes out of it and nothing goes into it. Unfortunately, the hand that does not practice giving will someday die with open arms, giving up a hostage that could have benefitted more lives than one selfish one. Is money your guest or hostage? Granted, to each its own, but a good choice henceforth will make you a better person.


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      Nell Rose 6 months ago from England

      Great read, and welcome to hubpages!