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How to Effectively Save Money II

Updated on August 24, 2017

How It All Started

I initially created a hub that laid out 21 practical money saving tips that many of my fellow hubbers found really useful and innovative. I have now decided to add to my originial list with this hub that provides even more cool money tips in addition to the primary hubpage, How to Effectively Save Money, where my top twenty money tips are provided. I will be adding new tips to this hub frequently until I reach a number where a third hub is necessary. The end goal: a series of hubs that display 100 useful money making and/or saving tips that are intended to help you effectively earn cash using new and original methods. I would really appreciate any additional tips you can think of to include in my hub so we can continue this quest together!

Money Tips

  1. One way to earn money quickly but not so easily is to gather up scrap metal and sell it at the city recycling center. Hot water heaters, air conditioners, and furnaces all contain valuable amounts of copper and aluminum, and many businesses abandon these items because they are a hassle to transport. I would search around your neighborhood first, and then take your truck to a plumbing business and ask if you can haul away there junk metals for a fee. Overall, selling scrap metal can end up being a lot of work, but can be profitable in the end if you accumulate 10 or so air conditioners, heaters, or furnaces.
  2. Sell your blood plasma. Your body constantly replenishes blood plasma, and it pays around $25 on your first visit and $30-$40 on your subsequent visits. You must wait 72 hours between visits to allow your plasma to recirculate. lists the plasma donation centers nationwide. Overall, donating blood plasma is a quick and easy way to continually generate income twice a week.
  3. Become a lender on a personal lending website. With the increasing inability to get loans in this economic crisis, many individuals are turning to personal lending sites to borrow and lend money between normal people. The lender benefits from these websites because they set an interest rate, and the borrower benefits because he or she is able to receive a loan easily. A credible and easy to use personal lending site is Be careful if you choose to make money in this way because there is risk involved if the borrowers fail to make their payments. Overall, this method of earning money quickly is a desperate measure, and I recommend trying other techniques before this one. Looking for alternative way to lend? Please visit a hub I wrote about investing in global poverty while also beating the rate of inflation: A PayPal Company That Uses Micro-loans to Alleviate Global Poverty
  4. Checkout books and movies from your local branch public library. Often times, your library has the exact same books you would purchase at Barnes & Noble. Also, many libraries carry a wide selection of current movies for checkout. The library is totally free and convenient so take full advantage of all it has to offer. Save money by cutting back on unneccesary purchases at the bookstore and video rental store.
  5. Disconnect your landline telephone. Now that almost everyone can be reached by cellphone, home phones are rarely used at all. However, people still pay the monthly phone bill. Tell your telephone provider you do not want your landline connected anymore and begin to enjoy uninterrupted family dinners because the telemarketers can no longer give thier 10 minutes spiels.
  6. If you subscribe to the daily newspaper, take advantage of all the coupons that the papers are filled with. However, be selective. Only pick out coupons that don’t require you to spend more than you were going to spend at first. For example, pick out coupons that take percentages off your final bill or coupons that require no additional purchase.
  7. Drink coffee from your coffee pot at home rather than the nearest Starbucks or local coffee shop. There are many different coffee makers available today that will produce according to your cup size, and they are very convenient for a quick cup of coffee. I recommend asking for a Keurig coffee maker for your birthday or just as a gift from your spouse. I personally use a Keurig, and it is a great money and time saver each day. Here's the link for the Keurig coffee makers:
  8. Rent movies from Redbox dispensers instead of Blockbuster of Hollywood video. Redbox contains nearly all the same movies as Blockbuster, and they're only 1 dollar. Pop some of your own popcorn, get a redbox movie, and enjoy a great and cheap form of entertainment. Here's a link to all the Redbox locations nationwide:
  9. Recently, gas prices have risen to $3.73 a gallon national average. The most important way to save money on your commute is to carpool, ride a bike, or walk to work if this is possible. I encourage you to visit my other hub, Ways to Save at the Pump for a whole list of gas saving ideas. If you must drive, I think this mindset helps me to save the most money on gas and achieve the best miles per gallon: Drive knowing that brakedust wastes gasoline. Therefore, try to use your brakes very minimally, which means starting slow off the line and providing lots of space between you and the car in front of you. Ecomodder, an online fuel efficiency community provides 100+ tips for improving the gas mileage on your current vehicle.
  10. When your gathering up all your loose change, sift through it and pick out all quarters and dimes before 1965. Washington Quarters and Roosevelt Dimes dated 1964 and before contain 90% silver. If you happen to stumble upon a Kennedy Half Dollar dated 1964-1970 these also contain 90% silver. Therefore, because of the high amount of silver in these coins they become a quite valuable find. For example, a quarter before 1965 is worth $2.00 currently, but this price constantly fluctuates as the price of silver changes. Here's a link to a site that calcuates the worth of these silver coins:
  11. Become a worker for ChaCha Inc. is a commonly known search company in which you can ask questions by text or phone, and real people simply answer your question in a matter of minutes. The pay is only 0.10 per question answered, so unless you're excellent at looking up answers, you will not make huge amounts quickly. Many workers for ChaCha find enjoyment in searching for answers because they learn new things. I recommend using some of my other online methods before using ChaCha as a way to gain income.
  12. Since your reading this article, there's a pretty good chance you're already a HubPages member or looking to become one. Increase your monthly income and traffic to your hubs by frequently editing and refining your pre- existing hubs. In addition, purchase business cards through Vistaprint for a very minimal cost to promote your writing and distribute them to friends or leave them at restaurants and coffee shops. This is a great way to receive traffic to your hubs and experience increased earnings.
  13. Use your local Craigslist and look under gigs for small jobs that pay cash usually the same day the job is performed. These gigs can be great for adding income quickly, but they go fast so jump on them quickly.
  14. Deliver Phone Books in your neighborhood. I personally use to find currently available routes in my local area. You can easily make $75-$150 per delivery route. A route typically consists of 400-600 phonebooks.
  15. Buy or Sell a website on Flippa. Flippa is a website that allows you to buy and sell monetized blogs, business websites, and other types of websites. The sites may or may not already be generating a monthly revenue stream from traffic. The sites usually go for 12-24 times the monthly revenue that the site earns. This could be a great way to earn some passive income after initially pumping some new content into the site to increase traffic.


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    • shareitt profile image

      shareitt 7 years ago

      Sell your blood...luv seriously you have some great information here. Thanks!

    • profile image

      kaushikk 8 years ago from india

      good job..

      this site has much potential about ways of earning online..

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 8 years ago from TX

      good job!!

    • joyfulpraise profile image

      joyfulpraise 8 years ago

      great hub page!

    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 8 years ago from Lithuania

      Nice list of tips and most of them are very easy to use.

    • profile image

      newsworthy 8 years ago

      I liked the ideas but where was hubbing? :)

    • leprechaun profile image

      leprechaun 8 years ago from friendly City by the Sea

      Great Tips for those of us looking to save, Keep up the good work, Tim

    • dragonfly77 profile image

      dragonfly77 8 years ago from Ontario

      I "used to be" a recipe book nut - now I have stopped buying those books and collect all of my recipes from many of the major food chain grocery stores where neatly arranged recipes are laid out in the baking and meat sections. Gotta love saving money.

      Thank you for your money saving tips and ideas your spot on in my book.


    • esocial profile image

      esocial 8 years ago from California

      Hint: get free movie rentals at the public library!!!

    • tedfarm profile image

      tedfarm 8 years ago

      Helpful tips, thanks for sharing.

    • solitaire profile image

      solitaire 8 years ago from Afloat

      Congratulations to you as well, Tyler.

    • sheenarobins profile image

      sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      great ideas. very useful. thanks! btw, congratulations for being chosen for the hubnugget 2009!


    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi tyler, congratulations! This hub has been chosen as one of the hubnuggets. :-) We do need a lot of ideas on how to earn money and save money too. Find out what this hubnugget thingy is all about (and make sure to cast you vote as well) by clicking on this link.

    • Sakshi Saini profile image

      Sakshi Saini 8 years ago from India

      raelly Good Ideas....

    • prasannasutrave profile image

      prasannasutrave 8 years ago from mumbai( india )

      Very interesting tips.

      I read this type of tips first time.Keep writing for giving such a fantastic tips.