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More on Passive Income Streams

Updated on July 14, 2014

Your Niche Website Which will Become Your Home Base!

I realized early on that even a brilliant SEO campaign, can not save a website that is selling an UN-wanted product. That's why I've started to do Keyword Research and then use these Keywords as tags. It is one of the greatest skills I have at this moment. Keyword Research is the art of discovering what keywords people “with buying on their minds” what it is that they are looking into, the search engines for and then finding out what it is, that they are finding.

It's very easy to become disheartened when you first set up a Dream Site or a Niche Website. Especially with the aim of earning some Massive income instead of Passive income. Passive income is money you get without any extra work. Massive income requires tons of extra go out of your way kind of work that big businesses do.

To make money with inter-net marketing you have to understand that everything you do is a niche. If you like a specific sport and have a favorite, but a specific team. Then that team is your niche, If it is about you and how and why you do like them. If you like ice cream like I do and cookies and cream. This is not your niche! It is Ben and Jerry's unless you have Brass Balls or your own Ice-cream factory and wish to dive into a highly competitive Niche. And with a highly competitive Conglomerate.

The one thing you that you like the best, then that too is a niche. Anything that will or can lead to another and then another from this starting point. Is now yours as long as it is about How you are doing the thing you do. That makes this the reason so.

Niche marketing is about picking that one piece of a topic and devoting all that you know to that specific subject. You will find that when you focus on a niche market you will have a much stronger following than you would with such a broad topic.

It is a lot more difficult to make money with inter-net marketing than other people would want you to believe. It is in the best interest of the so called gurus to let you believe that making money by using a niche marketing model. With your own website is not as easy as making an apple pie or any pie. And hey! If you never made a pie before, it could be a damn near impossible task. But once you toss a frozen pastry into a pie pan, open a can of your favorite filling, and place the rest of that frozen pasty shell on top of the other and then bake it. You have an industry standard Pie! But then you later learn how with little hints and tips from others that make that pie something special.

The hard truth is that turning a profit from a website is really, really difficult, especially one that is aiming high or too high for their first try. Even wildly successful inter-net endeavors took years and years before they started to show any profits. Running a niche business requires some money. I don't care how you slice it or which flavor of ice-cream you top it with. There are always business expenses.

This hinders a lot of Inter-net Marketers (newbies). There are: hosting charges, domain names, auto-responders, fees, and much more. But these don't all hit the fence at the same time. So don't get scared by not knowing. Think of all the things you do today, that when you were a kid you were terrorized of trying. And now enjoy still today. Like swimming, riding a bike, or a horse, skate boarding, hang gliding, SCUBA Diving, Learning to drive. Whatever you once feared and after learning. Still till today think it was silly, that you ever feared it in the first place.

You might well, only make a few Dollars or even British Pounds, or some of the new European Euro’s or some other country's monetary device, and still after weeks, months or several months of work or just a few days. From when you begun; start these wheels to turning. Just to get your passive income streams up-and-running. Will take you some time. Most passive income projects fail to make even a small registered amount of an income. In these first months and up to the second year in most cases.

But in these troubled times you have to make a decision. Not to or to have more than just a job. You must have multiple streams of income in order to ensure that if, or when you do lose your job. Then you will still have a source of income to meet all your family's needs. This is why the rich continue to stay rich. They have made this decision of multiple income streams.

But don't be disheartened if you make only small amounts of cash at first. This is how it is done to enlarge your foot prints and then your traffic flows and then getting the proper type of traffic that flows around and through your new system. Also the windows that are in place. The ones that you are looking out of and those that let people look in.

Passive income is the stuff of dreams, so it's no surprise it's hard to get hold of or keep a hold of people by nature are lazy unless they train themselves or some other has trained them not to be.

Anyone that tells you you can be rich without investing a penny is simply lying to you. After all it is a business and there are business expenses that must be paid! But what if you had an easy way to cover those expenses, while you were building your niche market business?

Even a little bit of passive income is worth a lot of money in the long run. Before I explain why, let's remember how lousy it feels to be paid loose change for your efforts. The little check's that can crush your hopes and dreams, but remember every thing starts with a humble beginning. Everything needs to be seeded and everything needs to be watered and fed. After all of this Time must take place a little or a lot depends on the final decision of what it is and what it shall become.

That's why I've realized that Keyword Research is the greatest skill I currently posses. Keyword Research is the art of discovering what keywords people with the buying intent or who are intent on buying are entering into the search engines and what they are then finding. Which niches that have relatively low competition to their queries.

In the ideal situation you will discover an under-exploited niche, with few competitive websites and even those that exist an are are poorly optimized (this is where your SEO skills come in). So I'm not going back to the school of Hard Knocks all over again, but this time it's my knowledge of my Keyword Researching School.

It is a Keyword Research query which will ultimately stop you from building a defective website which are the equivalent of opening an Ice Factory in Alaska or selling frozen steaks in India. Not doing any Keyword Research is like not looking both ways before you cross the street.
I've promised myself that this year I have to breakout a bit more this will be the start of year two beginning in July of 2011. I don't have to make it big, I don't have to justify all the time I spend on my websites, Blogs and at my Pay Per Click Publishers. But I do have to say to myself it will be worth the effort to me some how. If not a Monetarily one it will be a learning experience and for those of us who can do we do, but for those of us who can't we will teach Or consult, or inspire others who can, to also do.

I am hoping to be one of the rare Guys who did and does and still teaches, but only time will tell. As time goes on, the value of having multiple income streams becomes more and more apparent to me. The more income streams you have, the less trouble your life will have if one of those income streams goes defunct or experiences a down turn as many income streams today have already.

Thus, I've been thinking a great deal about developing more income streams for myself both on and off the World Wide Web. When I mention Pay Per Click Publishers to most people, they get a blank look upon their faces. The Words don't seem to register in their minds. As a income stream for them.

And all I ever hear from them is yeah, I've tried them, and I only made twenty cents. Well how long did you try? I would ask them. A couple of weeks a month maybe. Hey I would say to them, that This was a good return on that amount of time, that you put in. How much time did you put they'd ask me. I don't know, I'd tell them I am still doing it and never gave it a thought because the task is not yet completed.

Many of us have read articles on-line or heard stories from friends about how writing E-books, creating websites, buying domain names and/or any other of the many thousand of routes to passive income. Is the way to instant riches. This idea that passive income will make you rich instantly is completely wrong and also half right.

Only a very select few and the very lucky, Author, Web-master or an Inventor. Will make the Big Time over night. These so called thousands that do and do it overnight are flukes. And by the time that this ever dawns on, an eager beaver or the new dreamer, or entrepreneur, he or she will have often already thrown in the towel. Some will do this even before that first dispiriting $0.22 in passive income is earned.

I've already been through this with my Blogs sites. I have only three or so followers and only at one of my three Blogs. Which I thought looked good and easy enough to follow along with, but as I have been writing them I never promoted them. In turn this is not such a damning thing just yet, as there is a good bit of content at them now. For new followers to go through and over when they finally do arrive.

It might turn out to be a truly terrible way to make money. Just my Blogging, but I don't think so! And if so that is OK. For I designed them to push traffic around and through my other sites or spokes of my Traffic Wheel and not to earn the bulk of my income.

Blogging shouldn't even properly be called passive income. Because it is work, but as I have said I wasn't looking to make riches from Blogging alone. You will need to continue writing to keep your audience entertained. Luckily I Blog about Passive income streams and Poetry. And how to self publishing into these Passive income streams or into companies. Like my Pay Per Click Publishers.

Because I love writing poetry and talking about how to use it, to earn some passive income. It, is not because I always love making the money! If you want to discover how to get rid of all the clutter and BS. That you hear from inter-net marketers and Guru's and just start making passive income. Then I can not think of a better person to show you step-by-step how to do precisely that. Come, Watch, and Play along with Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man As he is doing just this and doing it it with very little invested except his time. But isn't Time Money ?

Yes Time is Money! Passive income streams are one way streams, once you've done the initial investment whether it is time or an investment of money. There is little more to do, not much upkeep is needed or any further investment. Which is required daily or weekly maybe even monthly, with other streams. But to maintain these income streams you only need maintain it from time to time when they slow down or stop working all together.

Trying to Take Over the World Wide Web!

Sorry I love these Guys! They are My Hero's

As this is a rather long write a little comic relief here!

So, Let’s Back Up Here a Minute an Income Stream Just Refers to What?

So, let’s back up. An income stream just refers to any source of regular financial income in your life. Your job is one. Your pension is another. Rent from an apartment building or Home that you own is yet another, your Social Security hopefully it will remain another, royalties from all your creations will eventually become one.

Cash in contrast is the ultimate liquid asset, If Cash is King your Content is its Queen. Give me cash over web projects, any day of the week!

Most passive income streams require some sort of significant investment up front! Thats right a significant amount! Generally, that investment breaks down into two distinct groups---an investment of money or an investment of time.

I'm going to stick with discussing the types of passive income streams that I'm interested in developing.

When you self-publish, with Pay Per Click Publishers you tend to retain a much greater percentage of the proceeds for yourself, but your distribution tends to become more of a problem, as it's hard to get or drive Traffic to these works. So what is the better choice for the average newbie? If you have been following this my Website PW&OSfStSM for any length of time, then you will already know what these answers are.


These will eventually equate into the Money that you are seeking. For it takes Money to Make More Money. So what is your time worth? Right now mine is worth squat. Do you really think I believe that? Ask your selves what would I be doing if I weren't doing this?

TIP: If you haven't already figured out what your time is worth, I highly recommend you set a little time aside to do that Today! The point is the most valuable asset you own is your time. Yet so many people waste it as if they had an unlimited supply!

Which brings me to the biggest Myth, Lie , or Falsehood on the Internet today.

FREE Traffic! Think about it for a moment. How much time (not to mention energy!) would you sacrifice to promote your business, website, Blog, forum, Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook Accounts? And why do so If they are not monetize?

What are you willing to do gain satisfied visitors who will be a repeat visitors? Again and again and again. Returning whenever they need some new information, that is related to your niche or market. Do you not want them to come to you?

Websites ideas that make money. Pattern themselves as Dream Sites or Niche Websites. They want you to trust in them and look to them when you need something in their fields. This can be very difficult to do if you start a website off with such a broad category or to many categories. The chances of your website being found would be nearly impossible unless you have some very deep pockets to spend on advertising it. Because these Search Engines are Targeted finders and seekers. Niche seekers!

If you create the right kind of niche website or something unheard of or shocking, you could get instant traffic from people within that niche. Look at all the you-tubes that have gone viral these last few years. How and why did they get lots of free viral traffic?

It was because no one else was doing something like this at that precise time. People were eager to learn more about this new fad, video, gossip, and whatever else it was. Now of course these fade over time, but yet they are hit over and over or viewed in the tens of millions of times, as they do fade away. Do you have what is takes to create a niche website that could have this effect? But why? Instead plan to make it last.

Having a niche website can help you with this. There is no need to quit your day job or night job. Your niche business website can be up and running within 24 hours. And then running 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

And you can then work on it as much or as little as you want. That is the beauty of having a niche website. So how do you get started with niche marketing and build a second or even third income for yourself?

What is the "REAL" cost of "free" traffic, when you consider the time you spend on:
Article creating and submitting.
Social Network Marketing.
Building Backlinks
SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Making and uploading videos.
Everything else not mentioned hear.

A Static Website, is Another Approach to Simplify and Develop Traffic

Create a website that provides information on a specific topic, and then add some sort of revenue-generating mechanism to it – affiliate links to Amazon, a portal to buy a product of some kind, direct advertisements, or something else. Once that's in place, spend some time developing links to it so that Google can find it. After that, then Invest some of your Money.

On the other hand, one can simply invest money with the purpose of generating a passive income stream. This of course, requires a large chunk of money up front and an expectation that each year will only return a small portion of that initial investment back into the venture. Usually, though, some significant portion of that initial investment can be recouped through selling the investment or waiting for it to fully mature.

What approaches am I considering? Well I'm still investigating several of these approaches, but I can say that I am moving in a direction where more passive income streams will be added it is now a part of my life. As I actually begin to make more and more moves into seeking out these new passive income streams.

The definition of traditional passive income is "Income generated with minimal work from your investments such as; interest, dividends, or real estate rentals." However in this article we are discussing creating a passive income on-line.

A totally different kind of beast. Your Investment of time and money is initially required to build a passive income on-line, then possibly and hopefully a minimal amount of work thereafter.

But always remember there is much work to be done before you need to invest your money. But you will want to secure your Keywords within your domain name and make sure you hold on to them as there are scalpers and head hunters out there trying to grab these up! After you spent all the time building them up, so secure your domain names that contain your Keywords.

What are the benefits of generating a passive income? You make a one time true and hard initial effort to get your income started, then do minimal work (or virtually none) thereafter, resulting in earning more and doing less. Which lets you choose when and where you have your free-time and where and when you wish to work.

Having a Niche Website means to others; that you are an authority on this subject. When people type in queries looking for something specific and they find you over and over again. They start coming to you first and foremost from there on, and to find the answers that they seek.

If your niche website has the information that they were looking for. They then will be glad that they found you and will look to you again the next time that they have an issue. Why is it important that you be able to answer their questions? It is what your niche is about! If your niche is marketed correctly? Because each of us faces many tiny decisions every single day that have big implications on the long-term out comes of our financial lives.

And if we haven't armed ourselves with the right education or have developed the right habits as to make the right decisions automatically. Then we will almost certainly make the wrong decisions. And over the lifetime of your site, you and It will wind up in a place that you don't want to be. Do the best you can make no promises unless you know you can keep them. This is peoples hopes and dreams you are inspiring. Help them, to make them come true! There is no greater reward then this.

Residual Income is not Dependent On a 9-5 Work Week !

Your passive residual income is not dependent on a 9-5 work week and can be generated 24 hours, 7 days a week 365 days a year. It can enable you to give yourself a pay raise whenever you want by creating more multiple income streams.

It can create for you an unlimited amount of income - you are only limited by your ability to see what is happening around you. You must be able to pick up on the small details. This skill it is what will give you more free time to spend time with your family, friends or go on vacation.

It can give you the ability to give to charitable causes. Create more residual income stream as passive streams and do so for your future retirement.

Affiliate Programs - passive income is derived from setting up a web site that per-sells your viewers on your recommendations. So use them an d make them wisely or don't make any at all.

The parent companies you choose to become affiliated with or use. They should provide the products, tracks the sales and gives you a commission for each sale. Find companies
that offer large commissions, and who do track clients for multiple sales options. Over a long period of time (ie lifetime) so you can get recurring commissions. Make sure they offer multiple tiers (at least 2) for sales. ie you still get paid if one of your refereed affiliates makes a sale, someone in your down line.

Third Party Advertising, no more commissions, you receive a flat rate if you have a web site that, attracts 1000s of visitors a day from the search engines, you can offer to place a banner or link on your site for a fee that you collect each month. You set it up once, then collect the passive residual income.

Newsletters,or ezines - offer advertising space in your ezine. The greater number of subscribers you have the more, you can charge every time you publish. I don't currently have the time to operate a news letter or do I have an E-mail list big enough to try just yet always remember the A,B,C's and the 1,2,3's

Google Ad-Sense by placing Google Ads on your web site. When someone clicks on the ad, you get a commission for every click. If you have 100 or 500 pages on your site, you
can earn a substantial monthly income.

Create a membership site - if you are an expert in your field and can provide the resources, knowledge and support, you can charge a monthly fee to gain access to your membership site. The more members you gain, the more money you can make. Because you are an expert in your field, you can also recommend other products and services to your members,
from which you earn commissions.

Become a Consultant or a Reseller - by reselling other people's services or your own you can earn ongoing residual income.

Building multiple passive income streams is a great way to secure yourself for the future. You never know if you will be laid off from your regular job, get too ill to work, experience a disaster or want to start saving for your retirement.

How much is a good niche market education worth to you? Do you know how to develop your niche ideas? How much education did you get before you created you first niche business on-line?

Why is it important that you be able to answer questions like these about niche markets correctly? Because each of us faces many tiny decisions every single day that have big implications on the long-term of our financial lives.

And if we haven't armed ourselves with education and then developed the right habits so we make the right decisions automatically then we will almost certainly make the wrong decisions. And over our lifetimes, we'll wind up in a place that we don't want to be.

I encourage you to seek out passive income streams and residual incomes these are Not Mythes, but are indeed factual entities. They do exists and they work If you, but only put the time into them. To get them rolling along and then keep them rolling along.

Thank you for your time and any comments are welcome.

And Most of all Do Not Forget to place your SEO Devices and Website links in your ezines or articles and writes Like I do all the Time!

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 4 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thank You PurvisBobbi44, for the read and comments. I need to rework this write It was one of my earlier ones. Many errors and broken concepts. I find myself with a lack of time today to do this even though I Know I need to; as I am still growing and still picking up odd jobs to support the website. It has grown over these last four years and It requires more Time then I currently can afford. Thanks Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

    • PurvisBobbi44 profile image

      PurvisBobbi44 4 years ago from Florida


      That was an awesome hub with the information and tips to help us all---new or older bloggers.

      I wish you great success and have a wonderful new week. I hope everyone on here will take the time to read this hub.

      Bobbi Purvis