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How To Create A Property Transaction - For Mortgage Brokers

Updated on March 27, 2014

What Most Brokers Do

I would suggest that probably 99.5% of mortgage brokers wake up each business day not knowing who their next client is or better still - how to create a client.

Those 99.5% focus their marketing efforts solely on trying to get the attention of someone who woke up that morning knowing they needed a home loan.

Let me clarify this.

Imagine you are lying in bed trying to get to sleep and your partner says:

"You know honey we really do need to get a new kitchen. We've got Australia Day just around the corner, and with all your friends coming over for lunch I can't possibly see how I can can cook for everyone in our tiny kitchen. We just have to renovate."

And you know that this corner, you can't back out from. So to save an argument and to get some sleep, you agree - so the next morning you and your spouse are now in the market for a refinance to provide the $30,000 plus that the new kitchen is going to cost.

And if you don't have an enduring relationship with an existing lender or a mortgage broker, you are now.the target of every mortgage broker within a ten kilometer radius.

Their marketing material, referral system, advertising or website is now the centrepiece of their efforts to get your attention saying: "Try me, try me" - because you know you need a home loan refinance. They didn't create your need, so not one of those brokers is aware of it.

And it is so banal it is almost mind numbing ....

"Try me, because I'm a member of the MFAA or FBAA; I'm a professional; I have access to more than 25 different lenders; my service is free; blah, blah, blah."

They are all sitting there waiting for the phone to ring or for someone that knows they need a loan to walk through their front door.

What a competitive, dog-eat-dog, rat race to be in!!

What The Other Half A Percent Do ....

Because they have learned how to create a property transaction in a prospects mind (by thinking outside the box) they no longer rely on marketing, advertising, websites or internet marketing to get the attention of some consumer that wakes up this morning knowing they need a home loan.

They have mastered the fine art of planting a seed (creating an idea) in someone's mind that results in that prospect coming to their own realization that they do indeed need to speak with that particular mortgage broker (not just any one), and bingo - a prospect that doesn't seek to second guess or shop your service around.

And what's more - a client that will never refinance their loans with you - that is how powerful this strategy is.

So what is this seed that you can plant??

I can teach you a strategy that provides the solution for the number one goal in every female mortgage holders conscious and subconscious mind.

Most males have as their number one financial goal something as nebulous as:-

  • "I want to be financially independent"
  • "I want to be rich"
  • "I want to work for myself and not a boss" ....

Or even a very specific goal like this one:

All females want to do is:


Not get rich, not buy as many investment properties as possible, not chase any of the financial dreams their husband's have - until they have paid off the home loan. They want the security of knowing that their nest egg (the family home) is safe from the banks and any wild schemes hubby thinks will make them rich.

If you can plant the thought seed that you (with our help) can deliver a solution to pay off their home loan within the foreseeable future (that is, they can almost reach out and touch it) without scrimping and going without - you will have a queue of prospects that will treat you like a king (or queen).

So what is the strategy?

There is only one way that anyone can pay off their home loan sooner than the 25 or 30 year term they originally took it out for.

They (or someone else) has to pay more money into the home loan than the minimum monthly payment. Continuously, regularly, and it needs to be a substantial amount.

Right now (and maybe for the next 2-3 years) there is a very practical, logical, credible strategy that you can implement for your prospects that will deliver the outcome so desired by risk-averse, conservatively minded, female home loan co-borrowers.

How many people that fit this profile come to mind right now?

If you can think of one or two and you are perhaps a mortgage broker just starting out and wondering where your first (or next client) is coming from please feel free to email me at

and say - "Please can we talk?"

But please, please - only email me if you are a mortgage broker from Australia. Overseas brokers will have to come up with their own strategy.

What this strategy isn't ...

This isn't some old hat, rubbish idea of having a Line of Credit and delaying paying out cash from it or from an Offset account by paying for all expenses on a 55 day, interest free Visa card.

Nor does it involve budgeting the life out of your client's lifestyle.

Nor does it involve capitalizing interest payments on an investment property to park the cash saved against the home loan - a strategy that will interest the Australian Tax Office unnecessarily in your client's tax arrangements.


If you did happen to click through to the link above at

How to retire in 7 years on $40,000 per annum tax-free - based on just 3 properties

that strategy is to get the attention of the male prospects in your sphere of influence.

Once you have their attention - the strategy we are talking about here can be gently unfolded in front of his partner and you can watch the dynamics of the conversation change dramatically.

What to do if you are a consumer and are interested in this strategy

If you are not a mortgage broker but are interested in how to pay off your home loan within the next ten years without impacting your current lifestyle please feel free to email me

and tell me you have read this webpage and would like to have a chat about how it might work for you.

Greetings and blessings

Michael Way


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