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Updated on January 7, 2011


 Have you ever wanted to own a home without a mortgage?  "Mortgage Free" is a book that can give you outside the box ideas on how to own a home for under $25,000.


"Mortgage Free" by Rob Roy, is a book on how to own your own home for very little money and no mortgage. The best book on getting a home for little money and no mortgage packed with useful and outside the box information.

He shows you how to buy land cheap and build a house while living on the land. He also gives various scenarios with financial concerns. He shows people that have owned their own house in a few years with no money up to people that have plenty of financial resources. They save money by living in tents, trailers, etc on thier land while they build their simple but nice homes.

This book will open your mind to the idea of owning a house in a nice area with little money but plenty of ideas to own your own home. It will open up many possibilities you probably thought you didn't have before. This book will give new ideas to anyone that read it.


Mortgage Free is not only a outside the box book but one with many cheap and practical ideas to own your own home with little money. Never again will a bank own you and require you to work at a job you don't like with a paid off house.


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