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Most Recent Review Of Fanbox

Updated on January 1, 2013

Most Recent Review Of Fanbox

Fanbox's platform is alright but there is one major complaint that I do have about the way things are set up over at Fanbox. I don't like the fact that Fanbox's leaderboard seems to be designed to kind of mislead people into thinking that there is a whole lot of money to be made on the site. The money that is next to users' names on the leaderboard is not pure profit. For example, if a user used $1,000 for ads and the next day or two they check their account and its says that a person made $1,020, then Fanbox will put that the person has earned $1,020 for the day and they make this information public to other Fanbox users. In reality, the profit was only $20. I don't think Fanbox likes to show people the real amount of profits that users are making because very few people are earning good profits from the site. This is fine but Fanbox should only show how much money people have actually made in profit.

Another annoying thing about Fanbox is that there have been many times when payout has been late, which is understandable in some cases but it seems that Fanbox often has accuses as to why payout is late, and this seems to be happening more and more often. When I first started to use Fanbox, which was a little over a year ago, I received the firs three payments on time.

Another thing that is a negative about the site is that I don't like the fact that now Fanbox tries to tell members and urges them to "protect" their account and earnings by verifying their account. I received emails from them telling me I should verify my account to protect my growing earnings of a few thousand dollars but in reality I have not earned thousands of dollars because most of the money (except may like $60) is what Fanbox gave me as credit because they have an IPL feature that they have, which they basically give people a "line of credit" and then users can use that money for ads and so forth. I received a message saying that I had to immediately verify my account and I refuse to give my phone number, because in my opinion I think Fanbox is just trying to collect information from its members and then figure out how to profit from it. They are a business after all and they need to make money and this is why I have formed this opinion.

Fanbox is a good site but I in my opinion they should show true earnings of its users and they should try to be much more timely with their payments or more consistent and Fanbox should not try to urge people to verify accounts on earnings that are not even earnings in the first place (from IPL). With that said, I do recommend Fanbox but I no longer highly recommend this site at this time. I think there are much better sites to make money with and sites that are much better in general. It is nothing against Fanbox but this is just my current opinion of the site.

Final Verdict

The above is just my current opinion about the site, and there are a lot of positive things to say about Fanbox, so I do not want anybody to get discourage. Give the site a try for a little bit, see how you like it and then use your own judgement but as of now I am done with Fanbox and I have not done anything over at the site in quite a few weeks and I doubt I'll be returning to Fanbox anytime soon.


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