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Must-Have Self-Care Items Found at the Dollar Store

Updated on January 7, 2021
Liz Woodward profile image

Liz has spent the last year on a journey of doing more with less.

A little self-love

With the stresses of everyday life, everyone needs a little bit of self-care sometimes. Even living on a budget can be a source of stress. Thanks to dollar stores, a little bit of luxury can fit in anybody's budget. Join me on a trip to my local dollar store where I discovered items that anyone can use to soothe their mind, body, and soul.


Before shopping, plan what your self-care will be. Do you need a sugar fix or a bubble bath? Do you just need a mental break from work? Have an idea and savor it rather than trying to throw everything plus the kitchen sink at your stressers.

Treat your mind

Whether life seems mundane or chaotic, sometimes the mind needs a break.

Scented gel pens

These scented gel pens are reminiscent of the scented markers used in elementary school art classes. These are perfect for journaling, crosswords, word finds, or doodling.


Speaking of journaling, the dollar store usually has a large selection of fun notebooks, planners, and journals. These are great for getting your thoughts out, plotting the book you will write, or keeping track of your days.

Activity books

Sometimes the mind just needs to focus on basic, fun activities like word finds and crosswords to relieve stress or do some mental stretches. According to the Fisher Center for Alzheimers, "Reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles and solving challenging puzzles may be linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease." Luckily, dollar stores have an amazing assortment of word puzzle books to use on a lunch break or cozy evening.

Coloring books

You don't have to be a child to enjoy a good coloring book; adult coloring has been a huge trend over the last few years and is a great way to improve focus and express creativity. Of course, my dollar store also had an assortment of crayons to go with.


Sometimes, you may just need a good book. My dollar store has started carrying these inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul books but also has a variety of ever-changing hardcover books.


If you're a crafter, you probably appreciate the simplicity of some yarn. It can be used for knitting or crocheting, or it can be used for decorative bows, pom poms, and fun touches on papercraft. Yarn is one of the most basic ways to zone out and have a useful product when you are done!

The body and soul

Now that you have taken care of your mind with paper, ink, and yarn, it is time to take care of your physical body and soul with some treats that will pamper and uplift your spirits.

Bath bombs

A bath is one of the easiest ways to wash your cares away. Not only does it wash away the germs and grime of the day, but according to, "it can also trigger the release of endorphins into your blood." Bath bombs are a great addition to baths with nice scents and occasionally containing beneficial ingredients like moisturizers for healthier skin or Epsom salts to ease sore muscles.

Makeup sponges

One way some people express themselves or brighten their mood is to add a little color or contour to their face with cosmetics. My dollar store had these makeup sponges for Valentine's Day, but there are usually other options carried year-round.


Is there anything better than indulging in a chocolate treat at the end of a long day? My dollar store has an assortment of regular and sugar-free sweets to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Sometimes, you just feel a little run down and need a little supplement. My dollar store has these Emergen-C tablets. Although not evaluated by the FDA or a promise to cure any ailments, Emergen-C includes Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin E, and Manganese. Vitamin C and Zinc have long been rumored to help with colds, and Vitamin E and Manganese are good for the skin. If you are running a little low on any of these, some occasional Emergen-C may be the top-off you need.


The Danish have the word "hygge" - pronounced hoo-ga - that is similar to comfort or cozy, and this feeling is such a pivotal part of their culture hygge is used as an adjective and an adverb. One of the key points of hygge is candles because they provide such comfort and warmth with their lighting.

Whether for some ambient light while taking a bubble bath or having a romantic evening or to fill the room with a pleasant scent while doing chores, the dollar store carries a variety of candles.

Glasses and mugs

Whether you enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, a full-bodied wine, or a frosty mug of beer, the dollar store has the glassware to make it happen. They also have some coffee or juices, or with the money have saved by shopping at the dollar store, you can splurge and buy "the good stuff."


No matter how you relax, I hope you found some inspiration and a way to take a minute or two for some much-needed self-care. Whether your stress comes from work, family, or something else in your life, know that it is important to care for yourself so that you can better care for others.

What are your favorite dollar store finds or ways to relax?

Leave a comment below!

© 2021 Liz Woodward


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