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My 30 Days, 30 Hubs Challenge: Increasing My Passive Income Stream and Learning More About HubPages

Updated on February 18, 2015

Why I'm Doing a Challenge

I’ve been reviewing my freelance writing opportunities and spending more time on HubPages since I decided to focus more on freelancing. As I've spent more time on HubPages, I've been polishing up old Hubs with the goal of getting them all Featured. This has brought me more page views and more income, and piqued my interest in earning passive income from HubPages. So I decided to do a challenge, to see whether creating 30 Hubs in 30 days will generate more income and more page views.

My HubPages Challenge Rules

These are the rules I've set for myself for this challenge. I know that other Hubbers approach it in their own ways. If you are interested in seeing what other people have done, there is lots of advice in the forum.

1. I can write 1 or more hubs per day, but cannot reuse already created content. I can use lists, outlines, or stubs of content to write articles from scratch. I can post as many hubs per days as I want.

2. I will create my 30 Hubs around a couple of themes: Freelance writing and travel. Right now, I am focusing on my freelance writing website and on planning a monthlong Asia trip so it will be easier for me to generate content around these themes. I can however post content that's not themed if I want. I hope see whether posting themed content increase my page views and earnings more than posting content that isn't thematically related.

3. At least 2/3 of the hubs created for this challenge must earn Feature status and all Hubs must be 300-500 words long. Every Hub must have at least one high-quality public domain or reusable image.

4. I will promote all Hubs created during the challenge on Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ using the hashtag #30hubs30days.

My Goals

My goals for the challenge are simple:

1.To increase my revenue stream on HubPages by publishing more Hubs

2. To earn pocket change and develop a passive income stream

3. To see if I earn more by posting more content on HP

During the 30 days, I've set a low goal of $2.00 in HubPages earnings. This is low, but it represents a near 400 percent increase from current average earnings. I honestly doubt I will realize $2 in earnings over the 30 days but maybe I will. Maybe I'll surpass this by a lot. We'll see!

My Challenges

I hope I'll be able to complete the challenge, but I know that I have some challenges coming up.

  • I'm finishing my job so will be working, not just freelancing
  • I'm getting married in September and have a lot to do
  • I don't have a lot of time to devote to work that isn't paid up front
  • I have other side projects, including a novel I'm working on, so my attention is divided

Either way, I plan to start soon. My first step is going to be an outline of my 30 Hub ideas. When I have that, I'll share it here so you can see what I'm going to be working on. Wish me luck!

Challenge Update

Update: This Hub was written before I undertook my 30 day Hub Challenge. I finished the challenge successfully and you can read more about my lessons learned doing a HubChallenge here.


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