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My favorite coupon and deal resources (updated 02/2)

Updated on February 4, 2011

Favorite Sources

My friends and family know just what a nut I am about saving money and also know that I have found some resources that work well for me in my quest.  I know that there are other places to save but here are my favorites.

Anyone have anything else?

Wild for Wags

 This blog is a great one for deals at Walgreens.  She lines up some great scenarios  and is very thorough on letting you know how much you are going to spend OOP (out of pocket), which coupons to bring, and which register rewards you can expect to receive.  She is also great about updating it during the week with additional finds such as clearance items that can be paired w/ a coupon or unadvertised register reward deals.

Find Christie at


This chickie is just what she claims to be – hip!  I love her upbeat writing style.  She is great about posting deals she comes across throughout the day both online and B&M (bricks & mortar) stores.  I haven’t really used her coupon database as I already use pennypinchinmom for her searchable database and Krazycouponlady. 

Find her at

Krazy Coupon Lady

This is by FAR, my favorite. She provides tips on how to get started, getting organized, and following sales. She is a great resource for many of the larger retail stores and for those not in Eastern Iowa and who actually have a Safeway, does a great job of identifying the best deals to pair off coupons with and safe a ton of cash.

The Krazy lady also has one of the most comprehensive lists of online printable coupons. Just click the link and you will see what I mean. Once I have my grocery list, I usually go and look for the things that I'm going to buy name brand and see if there is anything listed. Occasionally there may be an expired deal but it doesn't happen very often.

I also subscribe to her daily e-mail. This helps keep me in the loop because often, companies only allow a certain number of prints for a coupon campaign. So it's a classic case, of "you snooze, you lose!".

The website is found at and check out the Amazon link at the right for her book.

My goal is to someday be just as krazy as she is. Love it!

Penny Pinchin' Mom

I like this website for the fact that she is located a little more close to home (Kansas City) and does talk about HyVee but I think her HyVee runs specials other than what we have here. There is some overlap though.

She has a lot of the same deals as the Krazy Lady but also some others. Additionally she includes things like Pampers Gifts to Grow points, Amazon and other online deals.

Slick Deals

This is a GREAT site for online deals and coupon codes.  You can often find not only coupon codes but printables for department stores like Kohls or Old Navy. 

When you go to this site, the first thing you'll see are their front page slick deals.  These are items that have generated a lot of attention and have been deamed worthy of being classified a "slick deal".  Don't forget to check up and coming topics though.  Often those are half a step away from being a slick deal.  You can see those in a small section to the right.  Also useful is the search feature in the upper right hand corner.  I often check here before I purchase anything online.  You just never know.

Retail Me Not

Before you buy ANYTHING online, I would suggest checking this website or at least doing a Google of the store you are planning to buy from. Often you can at least get a coupon code for free shipping or even better, a precentage off your purchase.

Like Slickdeals, they also have a top coupon area when you first go in. Search for your store and it will show you what coupon codes they have, active coupons, and show how reliable a particular code is.


I'm quite into ebay if I have time to wait for a good deal. You can seriously find about anything your heart could desire on this website (Moses shaped frosted flake anyone?). I really like to watch for children's clothing lots, video games, and electronics.

My best suggestion for anyone new to it is to wait until the end to bid if at all possible, triple check the shipping charges, make sure you are buying from someone with a good feedback rating, and make sure your item is located close by. I only buy from sellers located in the states. Long story - bad experience.

Do I really need to give you the link? Oh, what the hay...


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