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My Friend loan for bank staff

Updated on June 23, 2011

I have a friend who work at the bank and It was surprise when my friends tell me he loan for the bank staff.

customer Agreement for Loan

My Name: Sok Sabay Cambodia ID:123456789 is the staff of Bank ID Card: 0031 request loan from Mr. Socheat Cambodia ID: 001111323 for amount 1000.00USD from dated: 10/04/2011 with the interest 15% per total amount. Customer Name: Sok Sabay Receive cash 850.00USD after paid interest 150.00USD. I will pay back for amount 100.00USD in every month of loan date for the period 10 months. I agree to pay in the following table:

Term and Condition:

- In the case customer resign from Bank, customer need to pay the total of Final Payment before the date of resign 1 week in advance.

The benefit of using Thavrith Loan

1. No need put something for deposit
2. On time loan (loan now get today)
3. Simple and easy
4. Cheap interest
5. Good condition for payment method
6. Easy than play Tontin, need to wait until end of month to collect cash, sometime interest up to 19$ per month, here is only 15$ per month.
7. If you already play Tongtin, and interest to use my loan is better. I will able to buy your current Tongtin with reasonable price.
8. Able do the final payment before the maturity date with good condition.
9. Minimum loan is 100$ and Maximum is 1000$.
10. This loan is valid for Hwangdbs Staff only.


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