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My Goals for a Freelancing Career in 2012

Updated on March 12, 2012

Being Accountable

I'm a little late with the idea of setting goals for 2012, but better late than never. Millionaire Tips inspired me with their hub on writing goals for the year. I have a basic overall idea of what I want to do, but I never created goals on how to get to that place. My ultimate goal is to do freelance writing full-time and quit my day job. My goal for 2012 is to double my income by June and triple it by December. It's all very doable, but I have to know how to get there. I'm not going to be able to wake up June 1st and see extra money in my bank account without some effort.

That effort has to be deliberate and organized if I want to reach my goal. So I decided to write out my goals based on what I've learned so far about making a living as a freelance writer.

Goal 1: Look for Higher Paying Online Jobs

I've increased my hourly rate on the bidding sites that I work from: Elance and oDesk. I'm now only looking at jobs that pay twice to three times what I'm currently making on there now. I want to make more money without having to find more time to write. This is not about being lazy, but about being limited in the time I have. I know what my ultimate hourly rate should be, but I have to gain experience to get there. I figure the experience I have so far should get me some better paying jobs.

I'm also starting to branch out on where I look for jobs. I'm checking out Craigslist and looking for other sites that might have better rates. I will continue to search for these opportunities and apply for jobs that will pay higher.

Goal 2: Find My Own Clients

This one is going to be tough for me because it means I have to market myself, which doesn't come naturally. But all of the experts say that you have to do it to make money, so I'm going to create a list of potential clients and approach them for freelance work.

I'll start by looking in industries that I am familiar with since I can sell my experience better there than in subjects that I don't know as well. Some of those areas will include home health care and other senior-related businesses, property management and real estate, parenting and children businesses, and financial businesses.

Goal 3: Take an Online Novel Writing Course

This one is purely for my interests. I have wanted to take a novel writing course for many years. I know it will take up extra time and that it won't increase my income right away, but it is my dream as a writer: to write a mystery novel. I can't get so involved with making money writing that I forget what made me love it in the first place. For me, taking the novel course in hopes of getting published takes me back to my childhood dream.

I've already enrolled in a course and I should finish by the end of the year. My next job will be to market my novel once it's complete. This goal excites me the most!

Goal 4: Create Sources of Passive Income

This goal includes the articles I write for Hubpages, my blogs, and hopefully, an e-book. I made a goal of writing at least 125 hubs this year, which is ambitious along with my other writing, a full-time job, and a family. I also plan to write some ezine articles and continue with my two blogs to generate some income. I don't expect the income to be a lot this year, but I'm setting the foundation.

I also want to write an e-book on some subject that I have knowledge about and a passion for. This may be a book about children's issues or writing or some other subject I get excited about.

My Goals

There they are. Four simple goals that are going to be anything but simple to accomplish. The achievements I made in 2011 give me motivation and inspiration to keep going, as well as the inspiring stories on Hubpages. I'll keep everyone updated as I progress along the path towards my goals.


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    • emilybee profile image

      emilybee 5 years ago

      Excellent goals- mine are similar. I hope to write a good amount of hubs this year- only one or so a week- but as you mention, we are setting the foundation. Good luck!