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My Grocery Haul at Walmart Neighborhood Market

Updated on October 10, 2017
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Groceries from Walmart Neighborhood Market

Walmart Neighborhood Market

My Walmart Grocery Haul from Walmart Neighborhood Market

I was excited to see such good prices at the Walmart Neighborhood Market and this hub discusses some of the deals that I found during a recent “grocery haul”. Where I live, there are a couple of Walmart Supercenters where you can purchase clothing, electronics, groceries and more. On the sites of the Walmart Supercenters, there might also be a McDonalds, a nail salon, a hair salon, and a Walmart Optical store, for example.

In recent years, a smaller Walmart opened up and it specializes in groceries specifically. It is called the Walmart Neighborhood Market. At this smaller scale Walmart grocery store, there are some great deals to be found. First of all, I love shopping for groceries at Walmart while also using coupons. There you can get great prices on everything from Halloween candy to yogurt.

Walmart's Great Value brand ravioli

Ravioli boiling in a pot on the stove top.
Ravioli boiling in a pot on the stove top. | Source

I recently had a manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off of 2 bags of chocolate. My selected bags were Kit Kat and Almond Joy. Another popular coupon that has been recently featured in newspapers is for 50 cents off of Oui yogurt, French style yogurt presented in a glass jar. It is a tasty and creamy yogurt. I have tried both the coconut and black cherry flavors of the Oui yogurt. They were both very good. Walmart does not double manufacturer’s coupons like some other supermarkets such as Harris Teeter will but the prices at Walmart are already typically lower and reasonable. It helps to add on the coupon even if the value of the coupon cannot be doubled. For example, if you are able to find Oui yogurt costing approximately $1.19 at the Walmart grocery store, the Walmart Neighborhood Market, you can get it for 69 cents with the 50 cents off coupon.

If you are on a tight budget, then your paper products are a great item to buy at Walmart grocery store. You can get a 4 pack of small rolls of toilet paper for just 68 cents! The black and white plastic packaging on the toilet paper simply reads bathroom tissue and it is distributed by Cascades tissue group. Additionally, on a recent visit to Walmart Neighborhood Market, I got a great deal on Brawny brand paper towels, which included a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon.

Vitamins, allergy medicines and fever reducing medicines are all items that you can find for lower prices when shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market. There, Benadryl is usually reasonably priced under $5 and $1 manufacturer coupons are commonly accessible for Benadryl as well. For flu and cold season, Vicks brand vapor rub can also be purchased at Walmart Neighborhood Market with readily available coupons. Dial and Olay are two brands of soap that I had manufacturer’s coupons on hand for. On this trip, I decided to purchase the Olay and not the Dial. With the use of a manufacturer’s coupon for $1 off, the cost of the Olay soap went down to under $4.

After getting paper products, toiletries and medicines for example, we cannot forget to pick up enough food. Some of the best deals on food items at Walmart grocery store include deals on Walmart’s own brand of products, the Great Value brand. Walmart’s Great Value brand five cheese ravioli in the frozen section is a very good product that is priced at under $3! Each under $3 bag of the frozen ravioli includes multiple servings. With simple cooking directions printed on the packaging, this affordable ravioli product cooks up on the stove top in boiling water in under 5 minutes. The Walmart Great Value brand five cheese ravioli is filling and delicious. Served up hot, it truly tastes like restaurant quality ravioli. In our family, we have tried it a few different types of ways including drizzled with oil and spices or topped with heart tomato sauce, also of the Great Value brand and grated parmesan cheese, also of the Great Value brand. Additionally, we have also had the ravioli topped with melted cheddar or muenster cheeses on occasion.

Ravioli with tomato sauce or ravioli with tomato sauce plus parmesan cheese


After trying Walmart’s Great Value brand five cheese ravioli the first time, it became a repeat purchase for my Walmart grocery shopping list. I now purchase it more frequently and keep some on hand in the freezer at home. I highly recommend the Walmart Great Value brand five cheese ravioli for cooking dinner quickly within time constraints and cooking on a small budget as well.

In the frozen section, at Walmart Neighborhood Market, I also purchased some Seapak brand spring rolls with a 75 cents off manufacturer’s coupon and some Great Value brand frozen cheeseburger bites that I was purchasing for the first time to try.

At Walmart Neighborhood Market, another item that I purchased and was impressed with the low price of was eggs. At Walmart Neighborhood Market, you can get a dozen eggs for as low as 44 cents to 50 cents. It was wonderful to see those low prices for eggs and I made sure to stock up on eggs!

Among the last items that I placed in the shopping cart before heading to the checkout line at Walmart Neighborhood Market were the cold beverages such as Simply brand fruit punch and some of Walmart’s Great Value Brand ice cream sandwiches in a Neapolitan flavor. There are various boxes of Great Value brand frozen treats costing under $3 each at Walmart Neighborhood Market.


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