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My Job: What I've Gotten Distributing Flyers

Updated on October 25, 2018

Not stuck in a cubicle: Priceless!

 I currently have a job distributing flyers, and I also do the same on the side as self employment. You may have seen people like me in your neighborhood, going door to door, leaving flyers, doorhangars, or business cards on porches and doors. And you're right to think that it doesn't pay much, unless, as a self employed person you're distributing flyers for several clients at once. It usually doesn't fit most people's idea of a dream job.

What many think a dream job is: Many think the dream job is being the big executive or corporate lawyer in the fancy downtown office and that, before rising to that position, you start out in cubicle land and slowly work your way up to "Assistant Senior Clerk", then Senior Clerk, then Supervisor , then Assistant Manager, and so on.

The reality: The reality is that many never escape cubicle land, and even those that do, and make it to those "dream jobs" find that, while they may have the big salary, they still are stuck in an office, oftentimes so busy that they don't know the outside world! There's an Elton John song called, "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters", where one line talks about "Sons of lawyers, sons of bankers...don't even know if it's day or night", or words to that effect. And it's often true for many executives and lawyers, as well as for those in cubicle land.

What I thought and found: I was often told as a kid, both personally and reinforced by media images, that jobs such as car washers, delivery people, meter readers, and even small store owners, were 'dead end' jobs, that went nowhere. But, I always had the feeling that they were more 'into' the world because they either involved personal movement, or had much more visibility and a view to the outside world. The car washer and small store owner are either outside or have very close access to it and see all kinds of people and things, including the weather. The taxi driver, deliveryman, flyer distributor, and the meter reader are moving from place to place and have a change of scenery each day.

And I was right. I had a job in a large company for 13 years, and always had  a yearning to see what was goiing on outside and, while the job paid well, and the people were good, I eventually realized it wasn't for me. And, after leaving and moving to a new locale, I tried a number of office type jobs, found that I really didn't want to be stuck inside, and so looked for an outdoor job, either driving or walking, and found the flyer distribution job I have now. And I realized that what many people think of as a 'dream job' is based on what society wants people to think.

What I like: Yes, it pays less than some (But not all! ) jobs in cubicle land, and I do have to put up with weather extremes at times, but, I do see a lot that people in cubicle land just never see! Like wildlife, which range in my area from frequently seen squirrels, to the occasional deer or snake or tree frog. I've also seen birds of prey and, in the fall, flocks of migrating geese.

The weather provides beautiful plays of clouds and sun at times, and also falling snow on occasion.

Then there are the trees. I see them change with the seasons. And when I am in hilly areas, I am often treated to great views.

In addition to nature, I also see different neighborhoods and homes, at least from the outside. I also often see restaurants and other interesting places that I can go to for lunch or on my off time.

Then, I get the benefit of daily exercise while I'm working. This has kept me fit and trim without having to go to a gym or taking extra time to get fit.

No office politics. 

So, in my own way, I do have my "dream job".

Please feel free to comment and thanks for reading!

The great outdoors!

Your idea of a dream job

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