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My Passive Income Report for Etsy

Updated on February 9, 2014

I’m stoked to celebrate my passive income report for Etsy earnings. Actually, I haven’t even been on there a year and I’ve been making around $50 a month. As you can see in the screenshot below, my shop stats from January 6th to February 4th shot up to 1,417 views. I remember back in the day when I first started, I was lucky to get about three views a day which wasn’t much. Sales have climbed considerably, especially after making a few new items. I try to create new items every few days.

Here is a table of my Etsy passive income report below

Shop Views
Listing Views
Oct 2013
Nov 2013
Dec 2013
Jan 2014
These dates are from the 1st all the way until the last day of the month. Although I only made $56 in January, I am currently at $37 for the beginning of February. Not bad at all and I can’t wait to see what else happens!

So, what do I sell?

Good question. I have about 190 active listings currently and mostly sell graphic design products. Basically, I create vectors, backgrounds, or modified images from my photographs. I wanted to go the digital route as that way I don’t have to physically ship items. Such a time saver for me, considering I work graveyard and the other six hours of my day is dedicated to sleeping.

There are a number of different things you can sell on Etsy. The key to earning passive income on there is being consistent. Each listing cost about $0.20 but that’s pretty good since the listing lasts up to one year. I also prefer Etsy over eBay since customers aren’t just looking for the best deal. Instead, they are looking for something that is unique and artistic. So, if you are an artist you could sell things like:

  • Handmade jewelry

  • Crocheted clothes

  • Remodeled furniture

  • Art prints

  • Custom canvas art

  • Portrait artwork

  • Digital items

  • Photography prints

If you have even the slightest artistic streak in your bone, you could very well start selling items on Etsy. You just need to find the right niche for you.

The Etsy Income Poll

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Create an Etsy store name effective for SEO

Did you know that your Etsy store name will be visible in Google and this is why it’s important to find a good keyword? This is the mistake I made when starting out. I later found out through the forums that your Etsy store name should be something that includes a keyword which brings a lot of traffic. You could triple your income just by doing this. Oddly, about 44 out of 190 listings appear in Google’s shopping network. I’m not quite sure why other ads do not but I will be visiting the forums soon to figure it out. I’ll update you guys later on this for those who are curious.

Building up your Etsy Store

You might feel a bit intimidated building up your Etsy store but once you start to see more sales and favorites trickle in, this should motivate you. I know it did for me. The best thing is that you aren’t limited to having just one store. I only have one at the moment but once I surpass 250 items in my store, I will be moving onto a new niche. This is mostly because I believe in expanding my income instead of concentrating on just one thing. I’ve learned from a mistake in my past that all of your income could easily disappear if you don’t do this. Not only that but also all of the hard work that you’ve put in which in my book - is the most valuable thing.

Here are some tips to pay attention to when you open your Etsy store:

  • Always keep adding new items
  • Concentrate on one niche
  • Create items that are unique to your competitors


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    • viking305 profile image

      L M Reid 4 years ago from Ireland

      Very interesting and informative article about setting up an Etsy store online. I have been thinking about doing this for a while and your information is useful. The tip about putting a key word in the shop name is a very valid point