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My Revamped Youtube Website

Updated on October 16, 2010

Yesterday, I read an article of someone generating income from not only hubpages but from youtube as well. I had the impression that you must be a partner with youtube in order to share revenue. The requirements I read for being a youtube partner is steep. You need original content that must be viewed in the tens of thousands before you can partner. I later found out that "non-partners" can also make money.

One author wrote about "non-partners" generating revenue from their youtube videos with adsense. However, he could not describe how he did it. He basically said in his article that he just stumbled upon it and it was very easy.

However, I tried to tie my youtube videos with adsense but there was nothing in the youtube settings that allowed me to accomplish this. There does not seem any instructions to verify that your videos and adsense account are linked. If you readers know how to do this, please let me know.

I've tried searching for information in the Google Adsense and youtube web but there were no clear instructions on how to perform this task.

The only thing that I accomplished was to delete my old youtube account, "Robopromo35" in order to change my username.

In youtube, you can not change your username. The only way around this is to delete your youtube account and create another. It was easier said than done. I've deleted my account but the darn account kept showing up. It was very frustrating. I don't remember how I got around the problem anymore. It was late at night when I figured it out.

Another problem was creating a new youtube account.  I could not do it at first because I was unable to delete my old account which kept showing up even when I get a confirmation that the account has been deleted.

If you ever have a need to raise your bloodpressure, try fiddling with youtube account settings.


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