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My Triond earnings 2015

Updated on January 26, 2015

Triond Review

I started writing for Triond somewhere back around 2009. I wrote a few articles and uploaded a few [ictures and a few videos. It took about 3 months for me to earn the 50 cents required to cash out. I gave up on Triond for a while as I felt like the effort wasn't worth the revenue. I got lucky in 2013 and had a few good clicks on Adsense and this earned me a few dollars. This got me excited and I wanted to give Triond another shot. I wrote some more articles and uploaded around 100 more photographs. My Google Adsense Earnings were great. I was making 2 to 5 dollars a day when I would post new articles. The earnings from Triond were tiny. I was still only making the 50 cent cash out threshold every couple of months. I don't remember the date but sometime in 2013 or 2014 Trionds Google Adsense was removed. I quit writing for Triond as the earnings were just way too small to justify my time.

I then decided to write an article about a game I was playing on my smartphone. The article sorta went viral presently getting over 50,000 views! The problem is, Triond pays almost nothing. You would think with 50,000 views I would have made some real money. I made 61 cents. I wrote a few more tutorials on the same game and they all had some viral activity. Getting anywhere from 1600 to 20,000 views and earning between 35 cents and over 2 dollars. This would be pretty good if the traffic would last. Unfortunately the traffic always dies down after about a week and the earnings plummet.

Overall I would not recommend Triond. The effort is too great for such small and limited revenue. If the revenue was passive then I might reconsider but the fact is, your earnings will almost completely stop a week after an article is published.

Recent Triond Earnings

My most recent and most viral article to date has had 51,000 views. This is pretty impressive until you see that I only made 61 cents off the whole deal. I was getting 5000-7000 views each day until today where my views are barely over 200. This article has run it's course and it will likely never make anymore money from Triond. This is the unfortunate truth about the site.

My highest paying article on Triond

The highest paying article I have written for Triond made 2.23 cents with only 24000 views. This is nice when you compare it to the first article which has had double the views but 1/4 the earnings.

How to earn more revenue from Triond.

If you are still interested in giving Triond a try, I can give you a few pointers that might help you earn some extra revenue. The first tip is that you should not try to make any money from photographs or videos. I uploaded nearly 200 photographs and videos and made about 10 cents total from all of them. They simply do not get views. On the other hand there is a way to sort of trick the system and earn from photographs and videos. Write and article and include the photographs. Articles written about a set of photographs do seem to gain some traffic and will result in some earnings. The earnings are not likely to be much but far more than if you upload them as photographs.

The only articles I ever made anything to speak of off of were game tutorials. I wrote articles about animal, recipes, reviews and more. None made any significant money. The 15 or so articles I wrote about games all made significant amounts.


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    • Jeramey Conrad profile image

      Jeramey Conrad 2 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Hi Jared? Is this information still accurate? Triond seems so slow in terms of their activity and there is quite a dearth of information about what is going on, both their site and the rest of the web. Thanks!


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