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My predictions for 2011 might just make you a little money

Updated on January 10, 2011

My predictions for 2011

I thought i would right this hub as a form of Diary for the year of 2011 so i look back at the end of it and see if the things i have predicted for the new year of 2011 come true.Now please don't think for one minute i have special psychic powers because i don't and i am sure there will many differences of opinion to what i think will happen compared to what you might think but hey its only a bit of fun and you will only make any money on any of these predictions if you place a little bet on one of them happening.

So my 2011 predictions are as follows


  • I take Manchester United to win the Premiership title and the FA Cup this season, now i say this and i will many who may disagree but Although Manchester United are my Team i just think we are playing poorly at the moment and still getting results the sign of true Champions and i take them to pick up the 2 titles.
  • Now even though i hope i am wrong with this prediction i take Barcelona to win the Champions league title after watching them destroy Real Madrid in one of the best footballing displays i have ever seen only Barcelona can throw this title away.
  • I predict a return to the football league for Luton Town who still get in excess of 7000 fans to home games quite an achievement for a non league club but i see them having enough to carry on their good form and gain promotion.
  • My Final sporting Prediction is for David Haye to Unify the world heavyweight boxing title for England. The heavyweight division is weak at present but i believe Haye to be the best of the bunch and can see him lifting the title but boxing being boxing and with all the money and politics involved don't hold your breathe on the fight even taking place.
  • Oh and don't be surprised if you happen to see David Beckham in the Premiership for the remainder of this season with his children reportedly booked in for tutoring at a school in England I'm sure we will see him and it looks like spurs could be a favorite and lets face it who ever has him wont lose a penny because even if he doesn't perform on the pitch he will certainly boost any clubs coffers!!

General predictions for 2011

  • I really just cant see an end to the recession this year i really cant and i believe we have a few more years before we start to get back on track.
  • I cant also see there being any increase on prices in the UK housing market so don't expect that to change people are too nervous to buy because of job security and not having the ridiculous deposits you're expected to have leaves a very cautious market but saying that if you have the means then it is a buyers market that is if anyone is prepared to sell you their house of course.
  • Oh i do hope this one doesn't come true but we are not far off and i can see us paying £1.40 for a litre of diesel before the year end.
  • Heathrow or Gatwick airports being closed this year due to snow seems a dead cert we just cant cope with the white stuff here so don't be surprised if it happens
  • Matt Cardle X Factor 2010 winner to have a number one album its going to happen of that I'm sure

My Personal Predictions for 2011

  • I expect my eldest son too pass his driving test this year and see him passing before July
  • I am sure my wife will continue her battle to stop smoking this year today as i write this she is on day 10 and doing very well, and i am sure her continued determination will see her beat the nicotine
  • i also see my wife and myself completing a trek to the top of a mountain in the Lake district this year and when we complete it i will write a hub on it

Well i hope my predictions are of interest and if you disagree by all means let me know and try a little flutter if you think i am right. Of course you cant bet on sijo1's son passing his driving test that's just a personal prediction but all i know is I'm hoping to win a little on my footie predictions to help finance my son asking me for petrol money every two minutes.



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    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 6 years ago

      Kinnsyg, i have a wager on a couple of my predictions i have to admit but only what i can afford to loose. Thanks for your comment

    • kinnsyg profile image

      kinnsyg 6 years ago

      So far so good! Even the contraction in the economy came as a shock to so called experts. I hope you've got more than a little money on some of these lol

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Hi Minnetonka Twin Thanks for reading and the comment its only a bit of fun and i will look back at it at the end of 2011 and see how my predictions have done.Cheers!!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      What a fun hub you have here. I hope your new year is filled with many surprises of the good type like gas prices going down. I thought this was a very creative hub for the new year. Happy New Year:)