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My experience with the Profit Booster app

Updated on January 17, 2016

Hello again!

Sam Crawford here. Today I would like to share my experience with a stock market trading application which seemed to have interested many people around the world. This automated trading app is called: "The Profit Booster App". Whether you have heard of it or not but are looking to make an extra income online, my review may be of use to you. Enjoy!

About a week and a half ago I got a call from a dear friend of mine, Jeremy Mumford. He has been struggling with bills and covering bad investments for years. He told me how he was scammed out of his money over and over again by different financial guru's, make money schemes, fraudulent trading methods, etc. Those days, he had barely enough money to spare. But he did find one more thing: The Profit Booster app.

At first, I was very skeptical and told him to try other freelance type jobs until he could find a steady income. But since he's been trying to get a job for years to no avail, we decided to explore the Profit Booster app together and see: does the profit booster really work?

At first, we looked online for reviews regarding the Profit Booster. We needed to know if this binary option trading app is familiar to people on the net, or if it's just another temporary online scam. It was surprising to see so many good reviews by people from all around the world, who come from different financial backgrounds. Many have been using the Profit Booster app as a secondary source of income, while others used it as their main source of income.

We then decided to register on the page. It was completely free, so we signed in using Jeremy's name and email. We were taken to a secured page with an instructional video about the Profit Booster and found other explanations related to this auto trader. We also saw further stories of success by people from South Africa, Australia and more, not to mention live trading accounts by others showing their Profit Booster profits.

I turned to Jerry and asked if he wanted to give the Profit Booster app a try. It seems that it's very popular, but we really couldn't know if the Profit Booster app works until we've tried it. He was eager to start, so I invested $250 for the both of us and we gave the Profit Booster a one week trial to see if it can generate us real profits.

The first 3 days were not as successful as expected. Although I have been trading the stock market for quite a while and I know that losses can happen, I started to get worried: what if the Profit Booster app is a scam?

Thankfully, soon enough, these were our results:

Shortly after seeing these amazing profits Jeremy made his withdrawal. His new profits showed in his bank account in no time and he was able to use some of the money to cover some bills and pay me back the $250 I gave him. He has continued trading with the app ever since. The Profit Booster app has changed everything for him and has become a secondary source of income for him and his family.

So if I were to say a few words about the Profit Booster app, I would say that it works fantastically. It's fast and profitable, although the trading must be consistent for the money to grow, after all it is a stock market trading app and it's inevitable to lose some trades. So if you're looking for an extra income and couldn't find it anywhere else, perhaps the Profit Booster app could be of service to you.

Hope you found my review useful! If there are any trading methods or online scams you are suspicious of, feel free to let me know and I would be happy to share my review on them.

All the best,
Sam Crawford


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    • SamCreviews profile image

      Samuel Crawford 2 years ago from Canada

      Hi Awesome,

      The Profit Booster app seems to be connected to your personal trading account, so all you need to do is to open your account and you will access the app, there is not need to download it. So no worries :)

      Hi Lily, I hope the Profit Booster does you justice! I think its best to start with something easy and then move on to the more complicated trading strategies.

      Hi Carl, glad to know my review helped! Good luck and much success with the Profit Booster.

      Hi Ahmad,

      Yes, I didn't pay a dime to use the app. Go ahead and give it a go!

    • profile image

      ahmad 2 years ago

      can i use the profit booster for free?

    • profile image

      Carl Marsh 2 years ago

      Hi Sam,

      Just wanted to say thanks for the review. The Profit Booster really gets the job done just like you said. Made $550 in 3 days.

    • profile image

      Lily 2 years ago

      Wow I've been looking a long time for something like this!! I tried manual trading and sucked at it :( But the profit booster seems really easy. So I guess it's time to try something new!

    • profile image

      Awesome 2 years ago

      Hey do I need to download the Profit Booster app or something? cause my pc crashed not long ago and I'm worried it might happen again and i reallyy can't afford a new computer right now lol