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Mystery Shopping Gig

Updated on April 28, 2013

Beware Mystery Shopping Opportunity

Beware Mystery Shopping Opportunity
Beware Mystery Shopping Opportunity | Source

Is Mystery Shopping Scam?

Bonus Tip:

If you want to find more about Mystery Shopping Gigs, do a search for Mystery Shopping, view the search results and visit a few Mystery Shopping websites. If there is no charge and you can join for free, join for free, wait to receive your confirmation email then continue to wait for Mystery Shopping Gigs to be sent to your email (sometimes through regular mail). Go through the motions of actually doing a Mystery Shopping Gig. After you have completed one gig, wait to see if they actually send you a check or pay you through PayPal. If all goes well then you know for sure the company is legit and after showing the company that you follow through with the Mystery Shopping Gig, over time those companies will start sending you emails weekly to complete more and more gigs.

The best way to learn what Mystery Shopping Gigs are scams or not, is to ask ordinary people who hang out in Forums. I sign into a Forum several times a week and I do so because I have built solid friendships online. If I were to ask the question "What Mystery Shopping Gigs are Legit" you bet your butt that at least one of the thousands of active Forum members would have a answer to my question. It's worth the time to ask people who share your interests who you have relationships with.

When I first started to do Mystery Shopping, I only received a few gigs a month for the first few months but once I showed I followed through to complete a gig, I started to receive several invitations each week. Just like with anything else, you need to prove yourself first.

Earning extra income doing Mystery Shopping is not easy work. I would lay out the money to complete a Mystery Shop if I was required to purchase a product while I was completing the job, then I would go online to fill out the survey, scan the receipt to attach it to the survey then have to waittwo to three weeks to receive the reinbursment. While doing other Mystery Shopping Gigs, I was asked to go to a selective store to ask an employee for assistance, ask specific questions, submit the information online and within two to four weeks received payment in the mail. I was lucky 99% of the time. Only once I was not paid for my time from some bogus company that no longer exists. If you are truly serious about earning extra money becoming a Mystery Shopper, I can say I did pretty good and got real fast at it. Just like starting a new job (because you are working) you get better and faster at it and before you know it, doing the job becomes second nature.

After about six months into doing Mystery Shopping Gigs, I started to receive email invitations to do jobs online. I would be asked to try out a new website then take a survey asking me how easy it was to navigate through the website, if it was easy to find what they asked me to find, if it was easy to check out to pay and stuff like that. When I was asked to pay the Mystery Shop usually gave me a code to type into a field so I would not have to pay out-of-pocket and then I would receive an Amazon Gift Card or payment to my PayPal account.

If you are in the market to become a Mystery Shopper remember that you DON'T HAVE TO PAY to join websites because joining Mystery Shopping websites are free to join. Do your research first or join websites for free and let them send you invitiations straight to your email.


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  • profile image

    Daniela Hickens 6 years ago from Utah

    Hi great article, if anybody is looking for a reliable mystery shopping company I recommend they have good assignments, good pay and great support.

  • Highvoltagewriter profile image

    William Benner 6 years ago from Savannah GA.

    I was sent a check but I thought it was a scam so I did spend it, for they sent the check before I did anything!

  • prektjr.dc profile image

    Debbie Carey 6 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

    I think this would be so much fun! It would be even better to actually get paid to do it! Thanks for the information! Voted up, useful and interesting!

  • Deborah-Diane profile image

    Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

    Excellent and helpful information on becoming a Mystery Shopper. One of our daughters did this for a while, and had a great time!

  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 6 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    I started doing Mystery Shopping some 5 years ago but that was never for earning out of it. I find it fun. In fact I spend much more than what I am likely to get as fees every time I do a shop audit.