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NEW WEALTH: Get Paid to "Work" Online

Updated on April 29, 2015

Companies Pay Users to Rate Ads Online

Several great new ways to make some additional or extra income are emerging online. But before you dash over to find out more about those types of sites, a brief list of similar companies and their websites are conveniently indicated below. Use this list begin your search to see which type of these opportunities will work best for you.

Sometimes the day-time job just isn’t providing the income necessary to cover “all those bills”. Costs of living all across the country (and the world) seems to be increasing every day. However, take a deep breath and don’t get overwhelmed. If you are like most people you may take on a second or third job. However, you won't be able to get much sleep with that schedule! Instead of running from job location to job location, why not just work online?!

Working online is simple, since all that is necessary is your computer, perhaps your cell phone and a valid user account. If you blog on sites like Hubpages, then you are probably already making money working online. “Users” are individuals that create website profiles and accounts to use or operate the functions on the website. Any individual can become a user. Just visit the site, sign up to create your own personal account or profile - which is usually free - and you too can become a user on a website. While most users do not get paid for “working” or using website, here you will learn of a few sites that compensate users like yourself to operate their websites.

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Websites, such as Swagbucks (Los Angeles, CA, USA), Adpax Advertisements (White Plains, NY, US) and Clickworker (Essen, Germany), put their users to “work” and do pay users accordingly. Companies as these can be located domestically and internationally. Whether you are currently working, seeking work or needing additional income, take a moment to search and check out new and upcoming similar websites that offer these types of employment opportunities.

What better way to make some additional cash every month than online. No schedule, no transportation and no business casual attire necessary! Keep in mind that the key to successful earnings on these types of sites depend on your ability to be diligent and consistently at work. You now can become a user of similar types of website to begin earning some extra cash all year long.

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    • Thelifeofone profile image

      Thelifeofone 21 months ago from Florida

      I love your column, I feel like I'll be able to work from home as well. Thank you so much you make it look so easy.