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Best Nanotechnology Companies Stocks To Invest In | Top Nanotechnology Stocks 2015

Updated on February 19, 2015

Learn about the Best Nanotechnology Companies To Invest In 2015. Exclusive review of the Top Nanotechnology companies stocks, segregating facts from myths is the basic motive of this article. First of all, we need to understand things from the ground truth for profitable investments, I would like to take you through the fad about nanotechnology in the 2002-2005 year time period. Lot of people were in the delusion that nanotechnology is going to change the world in the next few days. Unfortunately, that was just a time when everyone became aware that a term 'nanotechnology' existed. Nanotechnology is the study of things 1000 times smaller than what you can see through a microscope. Every material tend to change it’s behavior at this level. Matter at such level are studied under the exciting field of ‘quantum physics’.Now about the hype, an analysis about the popularity of nanotechnology in the Internet would reveal us the ground truth ( See the graph). So is nanotechnology dying ? No, it's materializing into reality. If you give another look at the graph you could see that it was only in the recent years that some news 'actually' appeared in the media. It was the time when the misty hype settled down and technology started to solidify. Today, you have nanotechnology companies everywhere in the world. Many of the technology giants like IBM, Intel, HP have invested millions in this because it's there priority to make things smaller in the coming year. Courses giving specialization have sprouted up in many of the reputed universities. $280,000 was offered as the annual package to a recent graduate, who was recruited by the US-based Seagate Technologies, from SRM University in India. This shows the prospective of nanotechnology in influencing the coming years.Governments have announced lump sum funds for research in Nanotechnology, for the benefit of defense, medical and manufacturing fields. Finding the good nanotechnology companies to invest in right now would be a gold mine in the coming years.

Popularity of Nanotechnology In The Internet Over Time (Click To View Full Size Image)
Popularity of Nanotechnology In The Internet Over Time (Click To View Full Size Image) | Source

Best Nanotechnology Companies Stocks 2015

  • Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. ALTI
  • MagForce Nanotechnologies MF6.DE
  • Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. INKN.PK
  • Ligtwave Logic, Inc. LWLG.OB
  • Arrowhead Research Corp. ARWR
  • Harris & Harris Group, Inc. TINY
  • NVE Corp. NVEC
  • Nanoventure N.V. N9V.DE
  • NanoLogiz Inc. NNLX.PK
  • Ultratech, Inc. US1.DE

The best nanotechnology companies are not limited with this list. There are several companies like IBM and Intel that have started parallel research and development on nanotechnology to enhance their core products. The listed companies are the ones which do business with nanotechnology as core.

New Nanotechnology Investments by Companies and Governments

U.S. To Invest $500 million in Advanced Manufacturing Partnership

With an aim to move the stagnant industrial growth in the United States. The White House have announced a $500 million investment in Advanced Manufacturing the federal government combined with public and private sector companies. President Barrack Obama announced this in a speech given at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This move will hugely benefit the country in a long term viewpoint and create diversified research and manufacturing opportunities. The focus area will be Nanotechnology which enables the creation of new materials at molecular level. Both public and private sector Nanotechnology companies will be boosted in R&D.

Swedish Industifonden to INvest $2.9 million Sol Voltaics

Industifonden is a Swedish state owned venture that have recently announced the investment of $2.9 million in Sol Voltaics a Nanotechnology based Swedish company. Sol Voltaics have been a leading producer of highly efficien solar cells. Their future aim is to make it even cheaper with advanced nanotechnology research findings. Huge scope for solar energy is found in Japan due to the recent dangers occurred with the nuclear power plants.


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