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Never Lend or Borrow Money

Updated on December 10, 2015

Money is defined as a current medium of exchange. Some people start to believe that acquiring large amounts of this medium of exchange is what life is about. People let their life become consumed by it, and even result into investing in the billion dollar business of pure luck, gambling. It can become an addiction that drives people lose control and ignore responsibilities and move towards a darker path in which they can even fall into homelessness. Money can create large issues and it is better to not lend money or borrow it on the off chance that situations like these can go south.

Never Lend

Let's star by saying there is a difference between lending and giving. Giving is handing over without anticipation of getting back. Lending is giving with notion that you will receive the same amount or more in return at some point in time. Lending someone something can definitely turn even the bestest of relationships rotten. For the most part, there is no guarantee that you will get the money back no matter how strong of a binding agreement. It can also be extreme difficult to ask for something that belongs with you without stirring up potential issues. Lending can ruin trust and affect how someone behaves around you and even how you behave around another person. Lending can also have an enabling aspect. If someone realizes that you are willing to give them money, then they will always feel as if they can come back for, and in some cases start to believe they are deserving of it. Saying 'no' can possibly put them on the track to believing that in life you have to make your own and not expect money to be handed down from another. It can be strenuous to deny your own altruism, but it is burdensome when you demand what is yours. Lending will be the end of your money, and a friendship.

Do Not Borrow

Taking money that was not earned the way it is supposed to makes you indebted to a person. That is the worse terms you can possibly live under. It becomes really hard to handle life always thinking about who you owe and how much. Life is very unpredictable. You can borrow money with the means of paying it back, but then you break your arm and you cannot work, or make money. Now, you are dishonoring your word, and someone now has something to hold over your head. You have defamed your own name and possibly deemed untrustworthy. Life will throw curveballs at you, but lend outs always come with a price, a price that you are not always able to pay back in full.

"Neither a borrower, nor a lender be." - Polonius

Feeding Addictions

There are so many people that use borrowing to feed an addiction. You never know exactly what your money can be put to use for. There are enough addictions in the world to scare anyone into not lending a dollar. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and even gambling are situations in which your money can be fueling someone's bad habit. You might not be the direct cause of a problem in a particular person life, but feeding the detrimental tendencies can weigh heavily on your conscience in the long run. Find other ways to help people out. Pointing them towards ways they can earn money will help them to never find themselves in such situations. Helping them find a job, getting them the care they need, or even looking for government programs that will act as a safety net until they are able to take root in their lives and invest in a future where the will not have to borrow, and hopefully never have to lend.

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