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Updated on June 2, 2008

USA Markets Dead and Other Myths

The Myth of a Failing US and its great Markets

It's impossible to speak of the USA or any other developed country in the same, old tired cliches. The world is now connected in ways never dreamed in the twentieth century, which was only eight years ago! Like a huge snake ball, inexorably entwined for safety and mutual, economic advantage, The world is moving, and fast!

The US is still seen in the eyes of much of the civilized world as the touchstone for music, culture, fashion, and even the stock market and the dollar. When the US market dips or slides, the rest of the world, including China, stand by and their markets follow suit.

For all its faults, it's still the best system ever devised by mankind to allow freedom and allow every person a chance to move away from poverty and into wealth and prosperity.

Another great quality is that even when men err politically, the great ship rights itself and moves on. Perhaps it is slow, not always fair and unbiased, and the innocent are punished with the guilty. Democracy, after all, is still young but learning. The present is but a pause as change and uncertainy reign temporarily. It is short-sighted economic policies such as funding more prisons while trying to maintain universities on the cheap. The green movement will require many educated people. This will result in less crime and the need to populate prisons with those who can barely read or write.

The world has been handed the greatest opportunity yet to right the wrongs of the past in human rights, healing the environment, and the challenge of feeding all the people. Only a thin political string is holding the U.S. back from taking its usual lead in public affairs.

Good people in the middle east are speaking now against the horrible and bloody killings in their villages and towns as any people of conscience must do.

In the absence of a strong political leader, business has taken the lead ahead of the government and is already seeking and providing solutions for the carbon plague that is capable of stilling forever the voices of all life on the planet earth. We have long known the dangers of carbon dioxide but chose a path that benefited a few, at the expense of the many.

The coming massive research and development in green is already requiring skilled workers to research, build, install, and maintain the technologies that will most certainly replace dwindling oil supplies. Coupled with this is the crumbling infrastructure. Unsafe bridges, tunnels, roads and buildings have needed replacement, but for years the problem has been ignored. New challenges in affordable transportation are testimony to short-sided policies that encouraged only one way.

The world is seeing for the first time how crop, land use, and cultivation in concert with expected shortages of water will inpact rich as well as poor countries. Fresh and cheap fresh water is rapidly reaching the critical stage as prolonged droughts, along with diminishing natural aquifierproblem pulations vie for the same water. Food prices are jumping as a result of higher fertilizer and feed costs, tractors and machinery, and even seed, along with the stupid decision to ethanolize corn, now more expensive than gasoline.

Major oil companies have given up even looking for oil. They are accepting the generous government stipend and socking the cash away, meanwhile whining about the "difficulties" mining, renewing, and preserving, anything that has to do with energy. For them, electric cars, solar or any other form of energy that is not GAS won't work. GAS, not hybrid, or electric, nuclear, oil from coal, or Geo. Too expensive. Not viable. We want Hummers.' "Those little foreign cars will never last."

Foreign oil companies already are investing billions in renewable energy sources. British Petrol, for example is investing in green in a big way, while continuing to utilize its formidable oil expertise.

The green explosion is only beginning as the world moves away from carbon fuel. We pose on the edge of the greatest world movement in recorded history.

There will be intense efforts by government to conserve, but the market will drive prices and many consumers, actually most consumers, will have to change how they impact on everything, from air to waste. as green gains momentum, consumers everywhere will clamor for the abundant source of energy. Today the goal of many is to reduce greenhouse gasses to a third of what it is now by the year 2050.

The notion of no greenhouse emissions is attainable and most likely, will be achieved long before 2050. Earth's residents will laugh at the notion of living with noxious emissions.

The worry really, is not depression but inflation these days. the wonder is that with the scarcity of almost all commodity, and their subsequent ascent into the stratosphere, that inflation has been held at 4%. Why are commodities scarce? China, India, Malaysia, Korea, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and nearly all of Latin America are scrambling to meet the demands of an emerging middle class. That is why gasoline is $4 a gallon. Imagine all those people wishing to have a better life and you have an idea of the competition willing to pay a fairer price than the US, and, with the added advantage of paying in Euros.

In a year we will think that $4 a gallon oil was quaint. Unless, that is, the oil sands in Canada and oil-from-coal technology becomes a reality. Oil sands are not sustainable now because of environmental considerations and the hundreds of gallons of water needed to make one barrel of oil.

To be Continued:

Brokers, the media, Kramer; et. el, 100 stocks doubling or more in the last 12 months, and why you never hear of them. How I find stocks and actually own them. The solar companies' such as Akena and Evergreen, China's disappointing year for U.S. investors (while still growing in leaps and bounds) Canada.

Most investor opportunity in history. Read and observe. Research on your own. All in next blog. Look for new recruitment in engineering schools. Rich will always afford energy to drive, keep warm and cool, and operate their factories and business. American jobs being filled by foreign nationals. Mexico on the rise.


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    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 9 years ago from california

      Sorry about the fractured sentence. This is not the way I wrote it. Put population in there instead of pulation and you will get the picture.