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Neoboux: Buying Referrals Is Not Allowed

Updated on September 5, 2013

Buying Referrals For Neobux Is Not Allowed But Many Newbiews Think About It

If you belong to Neobux, then you probably use it quite often with the hopes of making some extra cash, and you are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of people who belong to Neobux, and there are a lot of people who are making money on the site, and the site is 100% legit, but there is an increasing problem that newbies seem to run into. Do you want to know what this problem is? The problem is that they debate whether or not they should purchase direct referrals for their account. Read on to find out why they start to think about whether or not they should buy some referrals for their account.

Why They Start To Think About It

When newbies first join Neobux, then the chances are they didn't join the site and then all of a sudden came up with a bright idea of whether or not it is possible to buy referrals for their account in order to make some more money. However, once they start looking at ADs, they might notice a couple that say they can buy referrals for a certain amount of money. These webpages look slick and it is easy to see why a newbie would be tempted to look deeper into the website and even go ahead with a purchase in exchange for referrals. It is not that simple though. Read on to find out more by going onto the next section of this Hub.

It is only natural that many newbies start to think about buying referrals because the chances are that they are always seeing ads about it, and they assume that because these ads are on Neobux, then it means that it is perfectly ok to buy referrals. This is not the case though.

The Payment Proofs Are Rubbish

First of all, before we get into anything else, lets discuss some of these webpages advertising referrals in exchange for payment. These sites will usually have some sort of proof of having referrals, and then payment proof of getting paid by Neobux. This is because the site wants to show viewers that they are allegedly legit, but guess what, the chances are that the company doing this is not legit or they are lying, because I have noticed a few companies post payment proof of receiving payouts daily from Neobux.

Guess what? Neobux does not payout on a daily basis. When they say instant payments, it means that you receive your payment virtually right away. However, they only allow you to make a cashout request every 4 days! This means companies showing so-called proof of being paid daily by Neobux are lying! If you find a company selling referrals for Neobux you should steer clear from them anyways, but if they are showing "proof" of being paid daily from Neobux, then it is even bigger BS than you could imagine.

Also, there is another reason why you shouldn't buy referrals for your Neobux account and that reason is the most important reason of them all. Find out in the next section the reason.

It Is Not Allowed

Buying referrals is not allowed, and this is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that Neobux has put in place. Do you like Neobux, because if you do, then don't purchase any referrals from companies that claim to be selling them. If you do this, then Neobux may banned you from their program, and you will no longer be able to participate in the program.

If a website/company is making it (selling referrals) sound ok, then they are either not aware of the rules against doing this, or they do not care. The chances are that the company just does not care, but there may be a few who do not know that buying referrals for Neobux. Either way, just do not buy referrals, regardless of how tempting it is.

Its Always Best To Work At Getting Referrals

Buying referrals is not allowed according to Neobux's rules, but that does not mean that it is impossible to get referrals. Put in some work trying to get referrals, and sooner or later you will get some direct referrals, which means you have the chance at making even more money.

Good Luck


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