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NichePage: How To Make Money By Sharing Your Product Knowledge.

Updated on August 20, 2012

Many of us try out new products every day. Some of them meet up to our standards of what we expect and require, however some products go beyond the line of either 'amazing' or 'terrible', to the extent where we feel inclined to share our experience with others. Whilst you might inform your family and friends about this product which you've tried, you might never have contemplated the prospect of sharing your product experience for money.

The majority of people may get confused at this point as to how this is possible, but with a great new website called "" sharing your product knowledge for money not only becomes possible, but extremely profitable!

NichePage logo.

All credit for this image goes to via.
All credit for this image goes to via. | Source

Sharing Product Experience and Information for Cash.

Whilst you may still be pondering as to how this all works, the idea and system of this is actually very simple! People, who are interested in buying products from, will most likely want to know background details about the products they are looking into. Therefore, they will search around the web for people who have already purchased the product, so that they can get some sort of understanding of the quality and usefulness of it.

However, this is where you see potential profit from this and build a website around a specific line of products, and compare them to show people which are the 'best buy products'. Once you have added some quality, decent information based around the products on your 'nichepage', you then attach an Amazon affiliate 'suggestion' tool in your Nichepage so that when people go on to buy that product you make some revenue.

This simple yet highly profitable system not only works, but is also extremely useful to people searching around the net for information on specific products.

Information About

One of the best aspects of is that it is completely free to build your own 'NichePage', and the potential to make a lot of money from the site is completely valid. For those of you who already have a Hubpages account, and make articles like I do, you could relate this to adding the Amazon capsule to one of your Hubs. However, with, your content will not be labelled as 'promotional' if you are to talk about one product in particular, and you are more likely to make money with Amazon on than Hubpages.

Therefore, you could find that if you are not currently doing particularly well on Hubpages, trying out could be a more profitable solution! Although, that is not to say that you can't both write for Hubpages and, as they have no strict regulations as to when you publish your content. Hence, why you can do it whenever you like, and within reason, based on any product you like or have experience with!

Some Tips and Advice on Using

Whilst I am not a full professional on using, I can give some good well-rounded advice on what you should be doing to make the most out of it's service.

  • Only discuss products which you have tried yourself - People come to your NichePage to find out what you think about a certain line of products, and from your own experience what people should look for. They do not want to have false or inaccurate information thrown at them, or to have endless pages of ranting about a product shoved in their faces. They also don't want to hear you talk about a product that you've read about either... Always try to be as non-bias as possible, whilst at the same time sharing your knowledge by giving sensible recommendations on products that you have tried yourself.
  • Make sure to include some valuable information - If you base your NichePage around a specific line of products which you have used for a long period of time, you are going to be more prone to being able to give valuable information on the products. However, if you choose to try and make up information on a product, not only are you going to find it a lot harder to actually talk about the product, but it will come across in your reviews that you don't know what you're talking about. Therefore, it's essential that you give valuable information on a product which you know quite a lot about, as well as making sure that you answer some of the questions which people may have about the product itself.
  • Get involved with their great offer! - is currently in its private beta stage, however, it is presenting a great offer to give you 100% of the earnings made from your Amazon recommendations, as well as having SEO implemented on your niches for 4 months starting in July. Although, only the top 10 niches will be applicable to this offer, which means your focus should be to create the best NichePages you can! There has never been a better time to sign up for this great opportunity, so why not visit their amazing site and join the beta today?

A Video on Which Products Sell Best With The Amazon Affiliate Program.

Thanks to Webmagg for this brilliant informative video on the Amazon Affiliate Program! Please feel free to visit his YouTube channel via.

NichePage Website Interface.

All credit for this image is attributed to zfa32937 via.
All credit for this image is attributed to zfa32937 via. | Source


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