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CapitalOne 360 Checking Review

Updated on April 29, 2013

360 Checking

How would you like a checking account that earns you interest every month without having to pay any maintenance fees? You are in luck, Capital One 360 Checking does all of that for your while being protected by the FDIC. Capital One is a name we can all trust and their newly launched checking program is one of my favorite checking accounts on the market. Yes, you can sing-up for a checking account with your local bank but Capital One is simply easier to use.

You will be receiving the following:

  • FREE MasterCard debit card
  • $50 sign-up bonus
  • Free online bill pay (cool feature)
  • Free access to ATM's (withdraw money without any fees)
  • Free paper checks send to your house
  • Free use of Checkmate to deposit checks using your mobile or computer (fast and easy)
  • P2P Payments (easily send money to friends and family)

I signed up for their free bill pay and it is simply the most convenient way to pay and manage all of your bills in one place. First, you will avoid the hassle of paying for stamps and sending your bills via postal mail - which can be time consuming. Second, you will never miss a due date as they send you notifications of your upcoming due dates. Lastly, it is super easy and fast; pays your bills within minutes.

There is not a lot of banks that pay you interest on the money in your checking account; usually other banks pay interest on your balance in your savings account. There is a difference between the two.

They also offer:

  • Savings accounts
  • Checking accounts for kid (simply amazing way to let your kids test out the financial world while you have control over it as well)
  • Home loans
  • Investing
  • Business Accounts

This can be your one stop for all your financial needs.

You can check all of Capital One's 360 Checking features here.


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