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No Patience, and I Hate Waiting...

Updated on February 21, 2016

In a world where just about everything provides instant gratification, it can at times prove very difficult to wait for, well, anything. We have become accustomed to wanting and having everything right now. We can push a button or two and have our every impulse satisfied very quickly without a second thought. Depending on how we choose to use this ability can almost predict not only where we ourselves will go, but how fast we’ll get there.

I was probably rushing, running, and moving from line to line when patience was being handed out, so I’m pretty lacking in that category. I suffer from self-diagnosed A.D.D., so waiting for anything past 2 seconds makes me antsy. Ironically, I’ve never really realized how bad my need for immediate satisfaction had become until I recently got rid of my microwave. In setting my new year resolutions, I had the bright idea to get rid of my microwave on January 1. Now you, of course, can continue to nook away, but I got rid of mine in an attempt to be more conscious as to the things I was putting into my body. (This subject alone is another post for another day).

One late night, I ventured out at about 1 in the AM to grab something really quick to eat (remember I skipped the patience line, so quick is the key word here). I skimmed the many aisles and since I’m on this “new me, new body” kick, I grabbed a frozen vegan burrito. Once home I looked where the microwave used to be and realized that I no longer had one. Not a problem! I flipped that puppy over to read the cooking instructions and noticed what was now a real problem. The microwave heating instructions were 4-5 minutes compared to the conventional oven time of 50-60 minutes! Imagine my face, hunger, and disappointment!

With no other choice, I sat down and waited for 50 minutes until my burrito was warm. When it was time to finally eat my food, I wasn’t even that hungry anymore. I would have never believed there would be such a difference in heating time, had I not experienced it for myself. The reality is, that if you’re anything like me, you have become completely spoiled!

While some things are o.k. to want and have now, others can prove much more detrimental. Don’t agree? Think for a minute about your credit cards and their balances. Have you really used the things you are still paying for on those cards that you absolutely had to have. Or is the thrill gone? The next time you have an impulse to spend and grab something in 5 minutes, sit and wait an hour and see if the feeling and desire still exists. Just as I wasn’t so hungry anymore after my 50-minute wait, you’d be surprised at what you choose not to swipe and buy after yours.


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