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North Carolina Real Estate Investment Training-Day Three

Updated on January 18, 2011

The Strength of Referrals

Day three of Jack Brinkley's real estate investment training started off with me arriving at Jamie Harrington's office. Jack was going to be running a few minutes late due to him working with his horses, so we chose to meet at Jamie Harrington's office to maximize our work time.

Jamie and Lanny had come across a potential short sale from one of her previous clients who had a three bedroom, two bath single family home on almost four acres. Jack arrived around 11:00 and the four of us headed out to look at the property. The home was in pretty good condition (pictures and video below) and Jamie offered to do the short sale negotiation for Jack if he wanted to sign on purchasing the property. Jamie figured that she could get the short sale down from the $175K owed to around $120K and Jack could easily sell the property for $150K as she already had a buyer in mind. Jack loved the idea and I thanked Jamie for the opportunity.

After reviewing the property, taking some photos and a quick walk through video for marketing, we headed back to Jamie's office. Upon arrival, I spent some time discussing with Jack how he could market the property. I showed him (and Jamie) how they could use Postlets ( to market their properties on over 20 different websites besides just Craigslist. They all loved the idea and enjoyed the posting (posted below).  I spent almost two hours working with them after lunch showing them some of the sights and how they connected together to make an effective Postlets ad and maximize their Web 2.0 presence.

After spending some time on some other marketing, Jack and I contacted Jennifer the wholesaler and set up an appointment with her the following day to review the properties off of the list that she had sent us the day before (and what I had turned into a easy to use spreadsheet for Jack to evaluate). We also discussed with Jack ways for him to raise private funds and he brought up his landlord as a potential source. We also reposted his Craigslist ads from Jamie's office.

Jack, Jamie, and Lanny spent some time discussing working together and having each other wholesale to the other ones and make it a win-win situation for each other. They also discussed setting up a group and working together to teach/lead a group of local potential investors.

Jack had to leave to pick his kids up in Hickory so his wife could make it to a doctor's appointment, so we discussed the day at hand, filmed a quick video wrapup and talked with Lanny about joining the two of us and Jennifer to look at properties that she potentially had to wholesale to Jack. While it seemed to be a short day, it was very productive and efficient.

Jack Brinkley 1:1 Day Three Wrap Up

Short Sale Deal! 54 King Sprinkle

54 King Sprinkle


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