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Not Extreme Couponing But Just Couponing

Updated on May 23, 2011

Today we have seen how using coupons at the time of shopping has become very trendy. We watch in the television programs like Extreme Couponing, in TLC channel, where people save a considerable amount of money by using coupons. I have met many girls who, after having seen the show are totally amazed and anxious to begin to save money. But there are also girls like me that yes,we like to save and take advantage of offers, but not in an extreme level as we see on TV. For example,I am married and I have one child, so I'm not going to buy hundreds of items that I will not use even in my whole lifetime? And I know many of you think like me.That is why I have begun to save money on my purchases with coupons and other secrets,but at a normal level. Here are some of my little and easy tactics when it comes to saving money on my Shopping.

How To Save A Few Dollars

1. News Paper

Subscribe tothelocalnewspaperon Sunday.Thereyou will findseveralgreatcouponseveryweekthatyou canusewhendo your shopping.Ionlybuyone newspaper,I do not needhundreds ofthem.Each weekyou will findcoupons, soyou do not havetobuymore than onenewspaper.You will be able to replace your favorites coupons. If you candoasubscriptionto thenewspaper rather than buy it at the store much better.You will saveanadditionalportion. In addition to the coupons you will find the weekly ads of your favorite stores. There you can see where to find your favorite products on sale, sometimes you will find them for free! Isn't great? Cut your coupons, organize them very nicely and keep them in a safe place. Get ready to go shopping and prepare to start to save money.

2. Learn Your Store Policies

Make sure you know and understand very well the policies your store have about coupons. This way you will avoid last minutes problems in your shopping trip. Some of the stores double the total amount of all the coupons or of coupons less than 50 cents for example, take advantage of these deals. The same with the store programs. There are a lot of stores running their own savings programs. Look which of these programs you can complement with your coupons. For example, Target have their own store coupons and you can use them together with your product coupons. You save a lot more. The other day I went to Target and with a Product Coupon of Pantene and a Store Coupon together I got my shampoo and conditioner for a total of only $3. Regular cost: $8.

3. Don't Buy Blind, Buy Smart

Don't think that because you have a coupon you are going to save more buying that product. Analyze the option first. See what other brands are in offer and compare the prices. For example if you have a .25 cent off coupon for a dish liquid that cost $2.99 and the other brand is in offer at .99 cents, which one are you going to pick? Of course the $.99 dish liquid. Don't go shopping just focus on your coupons because you may loose some other great discounts.

4. Buying Out Of Season Could Be A Great Choice

Do you have any idea how much money you can save buying summer cloth in winter season? A lot, trust me. I have bought summer cloth for my child in winter season for just $.99! Make a good search and take advantage of the seasonal changes. It is worth it!

5. Do Not Buy The First Thing You See

If you make a well search you always are going to find better deals. It is proven. Don't tell me this never happen to you. You buy something and then, the next store you visit have it on sale with 50% off. What a frustration! This is the reason you need to look for different options first. Do not precipitate.

6. Do Not Buy New Arrivals

Just wait maybe one or two week and you will see how you are going to save some money in that little dress you liked so much. We are not saying you are going to wait forever, when that piece of cloth is no longer in fashion, but a few days could save you a few dollars.

Are You Ready To Go Shopping Now?

It is guaranteed that you are going to save some money using this simple tips. We all love to go shopping! But if we act smart we can get much more return for our money. As I always say, we need to try to save every single penny girls.

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    • jameygc profile image

      jameygc 6 years ago

      Thanks Mary. I am glad it helped you on your way to save some money. :)

    • Mary Contrary profile image

      Mary Contrary 6 years ago from Columbus, OH

      Jamey, your hub has helped me on my way to couponing. Thanks