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Off-Season Shopping - A Good Way To Buy More And Spend Less

Updated on January 8, 2013

Shopping is a kind of art. To save the budget as much as possible, savvy shoppers need to know how to buy appropriate goods “in the right place at the right time.” Therefore, savvy shoppers and shopping experts usually advise people to consider off-season shopping for big savings. So how would you save with off-season-shopping? You can find the answers to those questions here:

  • What is off-season shopping?

Off-season shopping offers incredible deals for products in the “wrong” season. For instance, you buy summer dresses in the fall/winter and buy coats in summer. Why would you do such a thing? As long as you are willing to wait patiently, you can save up to 75% off with clearances at the end of seasons. What an amazing thing!

  • Why is off-season shopping so cheap?

You may wonder whether off-season shopping is a cheat or not. How can department stores exist in this tough economy with unbelievable discounts? Simply put, they don’t want to store products that are out of season for the long term due to warehouse costs. Then, they are stuck between old and new items because old products take up too much space that stores want to give to new ones. Secondly, owing to changing trends, some products such as clothing or electronic items are out-of-date and cannot be sold the next season. Thus, retailers have to slash prices to increase sales.

  • What products should you buy in each season?

- Fall

August is the proper shopping time for swimsuits and other summer gear, for example, shorts, tanks, summer dresses and sandals. Furthermore, back-to-school clothing, which is one of the most popular products, is discounted up to 70% off. Thus, you can purchase back-to-school apparel in fall at so reasonable price. Fall also brings sales on things like air-conditioners, lawn-movers and barbeques.

Booking a beach trip or honeymoon in fall is a smart option because of incredible discounts offered by tourism companies. Undoubtedly, summer is entertainment season, and the time for vacations and parties. Most people are going to on holiday for relief from their stresses. If you travel in summer, it will be expensive. The schedule of your voyage should thus be changed from summer to fall.

Although Christmas is at the end of December, in winter, you still can buy Christmas gifts on a budget with Black Friday deals in fall. During this time, Cyber Money and Black Friday offers mean big sales on many kinds of products, especially electronic items. If you want to own high-tech items for yourself or give friends high-tech gifts, buy them in fall!

- Winter

Winter is the time to buy fall clothes, such as cardigans, jackets and pullovers. Every store has to make room for winter clothes, coats, warm sweaters, pants and boots, so fall clothes are discounted.

- Spring

As far as winter clothes including coats, warm sweaters, boots and sporting goods are concerned, spring is the best time to buy. If your children are looking for toys and games, buy them in February. Possibly, a ton of toys and games may be un-sellable after Christmas and New Years; therefore, these months are the ideal time to buy children their favorite toys. Additionally, January is a good time to shop for linens and towels for your family.

- Summer

Summer is a good time to buy spring clothes such as jeans, cardigans and thin sweaters. Actually, fall apparel is similar to spring apparel. So in addition to winter, summer is also wonderful time to collect fall clothes like cardigans, jackets, and thin sweaters. This year, Easter Monday is in April. Just by waiting until after Easter Monday, you can buy all the chocolate you can eat for the rest of the year at very competitive price. Chocolate is a fantastic food for purchase in May.

Moreover, it’s irrefutable that people usually redecorate their houses in spring, so decorative products are scarce and expensive. Hence, you can buy paints and wallpaper for house decoration at affordable prices in summer.

You know all about off-season shopping. Let’s shop and start saving now!


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