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Oldham Council Tax Illegal under the Terrorism Act 2000

Updated on February 28, 2013

Illegal Council Tax Summons

Fake signature on Illegal Summons issued by Oldham Council
Fake signature on Illegal Summons issued by Oldham Council | Source

Could you be arrested for paying Council Tax?

While paying Council Tax seems like a boring mundane thing to do, it is worth considering where that money is going. We assume that it goes to pay for important services like the Fire Brigade and bin collection. But what if some of that money was diverted to Terrorists?

"Couldn't happen?", well unfortunately it is happening and this makes YOU libel to arrest under Article 3 Section 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

While we normally expect Terrorists to be Muslims in traditional tribal dress, what if the Terrorists were white suit wearing types? And what if they wore a police uniform?

On the 7th July 2005, the Police tell us that 4 muslim terrorists blew themselves up killing 57 innocent civilians. This helped Tony Blair get re-elected and commit troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. The waning war on Terrorism (a war without end) was excused in the public mind as there was a clear Islamist threat.

But the 4 young muslims could not have carried out the bombings. Not without the help of MI5. They did not have access to the military grade plastic explosive that was discovered after the bombings.

On the 7th July 2000, the Security Services, your friendly Police forces were conducting an exercise to see what would happen if 3 bombs exploded on the London underground and 1 above ground in London. As the exercise progressed, bombs started exploding in EXACTLY the places that were planned in the exercise. The odds against that happening by accident are staggering!

For this obvious lie and sham inquest into the bombings to have been carried out, certain police officers would have to have known and been involved in the cover up. It is difficult to see how any senior police officer could have not known given the complete farce of a story given at the inquest.

Peter Fahy at the time was Chief Constable of Cheshire Police and in charge of the security at Gleneages where the G20 summit was going on. Later to become "Sir" Peter Fahy, due to his fantastic policing! He did indeed change the way crime statistics were calculated by IGNORING COMPLAINTS. But he also helped cover up the 7th July 2005 bombings.

Well if you live in Oldham or Manchester, a certain amount of your Council Tax goes to Greater Manchester Police and they are being run by Terrorists. So you have a choice, pay your Council tax and be liable to arrest for financing Terrorists or Do not pay and make a stand against them.

For detailed information about the 7th July 2005 bombings carried out by MI5, see the 7/7 Ripple effect video:

7/7 Ripple Effect 2 - How MI5 killed UK citizens in False Flag Operation

It may also be illegal under the same Act of Parliament to pay your TV Licence:

TV licence researcher refused to pay because the BBC is assisting the 911 Terrorists

Tony Farrell a senior police analyst was fired from his job for accurately stating that the major threat of Terrorism in the UK is from our own government:

Police intel expert says UK government not islam real terror threat

The process that Oldham Council has for collection of Council Tax seems to ignore the law as well. When they generate a bill and you do not pay it immediately, they will send you a "summons" to appear in court. But wait, do the Council have the power to issue Summonses? No they do not.

What Oldham Council does is forge a Court Document to make it appear that the Court is issuing the summons. But it you check all the details on it, they are Council details not the Court. Oldham Council charge £75 per illegal "summons". In 2012 the Court reported that they issued about 600 of these illegal documents. £45,000. The signature on each document is an illegible scribble that is printed/forged onto the document and not hand written.

If you do not attend the Court hearing,they will issue a "Liability Order". But they did not issue 600 liability orders last year, just one, with a whole lot of names on it. The words DAYLIGHT ROBBERY spring to mind.

The Liability Order must be sealed by the court and sent to the people concerned before it is valid. This is not done, so Oldham Council are breaking the rules (law) yet again.

The thugs that they threaten to send are not "Bailiffs" as they claim, Bailiffs would need to be instructed by the court., they are in fact common day Debt Collectors, with no power to enforce their illegal documentation.


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