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5 Steps to Furnish your Small Room

Updated on March 17, 2016

Single Room Home? Tension Not!

Are you tensed due to lack of space in your home? Do you have to accommodate a wide range of activities into single room?

No need to worry, as I have something which will ease your tension and you will be able to manage your small home well.

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Easier Management of Single Room Home

Here are simple tasks which you need to make sure in order to manage less space well. When it comes to lack of space, we need to find ways to make the most of the space we already have. Various types of furniture and room designs can aid in easily managing the room well.

Small Apartment Living
Small Apartment Living | Source

Task 1 : Organize The Space

Your first task is to organize the space. To help you organize the space well you need to know your room's shape. You can incorporate changes in levels inside your room to use the limited space for variety of purpose.

If you want leisure rich places inside your room then you can get a raised area near a window to sit and relax while reading books or if the view outside window is soothing you can enjoy listening to music while making the most of the cozy window space, especially children love such changes in levels, it brings excitement in life.

You can also get some fixed points of interests in you room to feel cozy during winters like a fireplace.

Also make sure you choose the position of kitchen in your room such that its near the location of the existing power and water supplies, or if there is need for an extractor fan. You can get great ideas on managing small kitchen spaces in our article on : Ideas on Small Kitchens.

Task 2 : Layered Layout Room Plan

Easy Approach to getting Layered Layout Room :

  • It's a good idea to make changes in level, as they allow you to use the not just width but height of the space.
  • Layered Layout can help in creating several smaller areas within the same room, hence expanding the surface area of your room.
  • Placing the bed on a sleeping platform is one of the easiest and cheapest way of using layered approach.
  • If the ceiling of your room is high enough, then it gives you the option of creating a galleried seating or storage area.
  • Even the space underneath a raised floor can often be used for storing purpose.

Multi-purpose Furniture
Multi-purpose Furniture | Source

Quick Review of "Galleried Layout" For Your Room

  • A sleeping platform is very useful as it allows the bed to be out of sight and spares precious floor space free for carrying out other activities.
  • Narrow space such as a lobby or wall between two windows, can be attached with shelves or cabinets.

Read these ideas on Storage and Shelving for Kitchen.

TIP : "Size Doesn't Matter!!"

No matter your space is large or small, it just requires imagination, effective planning, and efficient use of the space. Keep in mind to buy multi-purpose furniture and storage which have fold-down or pull-out shelves, to make flexible use of the materials and space.

Task 3 : Getting Space Efficient Furniture

  • Furniture can be used for multi-purpose utility in your small room to make the best of every inch of space.
  • Furniture can be used for screening purpose to hide one place from another.
  • Large pieces, such as a sofa-bed or book cabinets can be used as room dividers.
  • If the space is very tight, similar results can be achieved with blinds fixed to the ceiling, or a folding screen.

Small Living Room, Bedroom
Small Living Room, Bedroom | Source

Task 4 : Get "Storage Solutions" for Cleaner Looking Room

  • In order to create multi-purpose spaces, it is essential to have Adequate storage in your room.
  • You will often need to tidy away the evidence of one activity before you move to enjoy another.
  • Build a wall of floor-to-ceiling cupboards, if the shape of your room allows it, as they hide everything, including the television and the kitchen sink.
  • Awkward areas, such as the space under the stairs, can be kitted out with shelves, cupboards or drawers.
  • Various Crockery and Shining Utensils can be put up on show in mirrored cupboards.
  • It is advisable to look out for styles of furniture that incorporate storage.
  • Mirrors can be used more and more to create the illusion of more space in your room. You can attach mirrors to the outer surfaces of storage solutions.

Small Wicker Storage Seat
Small Wicker Storage Seat | Source

Storage Solution Ideas

  • A wall of cabinets keeps mess under wraps in an open-plan space.
  • You can make use of Low metal shelving to get better display space. Open structure of Low metal shelves makes it easier to see through them, and hence you can get rid of hemmed-in feeling in small spaced room.
  • It may not be in the ideal position here, but there’s no real reason why a favorite object, should not be displayed boldly.
  • You can prefer storage under seating solutions. Beds with drawers can be used to store shoes, off-seasonal clothes, heavy blankets & quits etc. Drawers in Bed can thus help in eliminating the need of separate shoe racks. Thus minimizing the requirement of extra furniture in your small spaced room.
  • You can opt for Hydraulic Lift Storage Beds than sliding drawer storage beds as latter takes extra space to open them, which is not always possible in small spaced room.

Keep Your Room Simple & Clean!

Minimalist Small Apartment
Minimalist Small Apartment | Source
Small and simple living room idea, bed with drawers
Small and simple living room idea, bed with drawers | Source

Task 5 : Wisely Choose Room Paint Color

  • It is best to impede your color palette and use the same decorative approach throughout the room.
  • You are less likely to tire of neutral backgrounds, but a splash of color or pattern is often a welcome diversion.

Room Maintenance is Very Important!

Small Spaced Room
Small Spaced Room | Source

Maintenance of Small Space

  • Once you have all well designed room layout fitted with multi-purpose furniture and storage solutions, you need to make sure you make the most of these facilities in your room.
  • It is important to keep the space clean.
  • You can hide the messy things in your room in baskets or other storage solution until you get time to sort them out.
  • Make your work easy by keeping the space well maintained from the very beginning.
  • Keep things on their right place so that you find them easily and the area looks tidy too.

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So How You Maintain Your Small Space Room?

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