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Online & Internet Scams: - Straight Talking Money - Short-Term Loans

Updated on February 28, 2013
UK scam company
UK scam company | Source

The Scam

* Straight Talking Money

* Short-Term Loans is a UK scam website which falsely advertises to customers the option of taking out a short-term loan, pretending to give the customer the choice of making repayments over a specified and agreed repayment period. However, you can be guaranteed that will breach their side of the (legal) agreement. Additionally, and down to the plain stupidity of staff, I also have all the documents I need to prove that this is exactly what they do.

Anyone can go to the website and apply for a short-term loan. Yes, they will also pay it straight into your bank account, although you will need to come to a repayment agreement before the loan is paid out and will also need to prove your identity. You will also need to give them your bank details (bad move!).

When I was suffering financial difficulty I regretfully took out a loan from We agreed on repayments of approximately £60 on a regular set of dates and initially all seemed good - I was due to be paid the day before I had to make a repayment, so I would receive my full pay and then the £60 repayment would be taken from my money before I withdrew it from the bank... or so I thought!

The day after payday I went to the bank to withdraw the remainder of my money, after the repayment had been made. However, to my amazement my bank account was overdrawn. Instead of taking the £60 repayment, as specified in the agreement (which I have two copies of), had taken £297!

My children and I were left with nothing and had to go without electricity, gas and very little food for the next two days until I could get it sorted out. I immediately contacted to find out what was going on and they agreed that they would pay the money back, minus the £60 which was due to be paid. They said the money would be back in my bank account within two days.

By the end of the next day the money still hadn't been returned so I gave it another day. On the second day I was due to be paid again, which I received. However, between the time that I left the house to go to withdraw my money from the bank and the time I actually got there, had taken every penny of my money again and sent my bank account into overdraft again!

Instead of paying back my money into the account, which they had taken fraudulently, they decided to take even more of my money which wasn't due to be paid back for another six weeks according to the contractual agreement!

Upon contacting them they very rudely told me that the loan was now repaid (even though it wasn't supposed to be for another six weeks) and they said that if I need more money then I should take out another loan with them! Naturally, I told them to shove it up their ***.

I now have no money and an overdrawn bank account because of's fraudulent activity and they are refusing to do anything about it. Even more appalling is the fact that I received a sarcastic text message from which stated something to the effect of:

"Hey, we're all smiles because you have paid all of your loan back on time. Why not use again in the future when you need another payday loan?"

Obviously, if I could text them back, I would, once again, be telling them where to shove it! What's really disgusting about, though, is the fact that they are posing as a legitimate company and getting away with scamming innocent people.

Be advised: is a SCAM!


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    • prasetio30 profile image


      6 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Very informative hub. I have never heard about before reading this hub. Thanks for the information based your experience. So, we must be careful.


    • Gail Meyers profile image

      Gail Meyers 

      6 years ago from Kansas City - United States

      That is amazing, Sparkster. As I recall there was a class action lawsuit regarding payday loans here in the States. As situation like this is when you call the prosecutor's office. Scam artistis tend to listen better and move faster when that happens. I hope you get it all lined out soon.


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