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Online Merchant Account Options & How To Accept Credit Cards Online

Updated on March 19, 2014

How To Go About Accepting Credit Cards Online

Ever thought about starting an online business but were unsure how you would be able to handle credit card or debit card payments? One solution to fix this burning question is to open up a merchant account. Simply put.

A merchant account serves as a payment platform allowing a potential customer to send money to you, for goods or services, that you are providing and essentially offer you both a service which ultimately serves you. Credit card processing services should not be feared.

Potential customers like to pay in an electronic form as it is much more secure than posting a check or sending cash via traditional mail. This way the customers order is processed a lot quicker and could literally be dispatched less than an hour after authorising the transaction. Making it very attractive to customers/shoppers as they will not have to wait so long and would be more likely to place the order immediately rather than wait and think about it.

Fraud protection is a standard offered to the customer and the level is far higher than any other sort of payment, whether they use their card within a store or whether they pay, somewhere with any other method, as I said, even if they use credit or debit cards.

You should set up a basic merchant if you still have not used a merchant account, even if you do not think you are quite ready for it. When you are ready, you will then know how things work and you will be able to speed through the process.

The Option For You

The good news is that there is something for everyone and which one you chose is dictated simply but your estimated income.

If you are just starting out or your have one single product that you want to promote, casually. I would recommend that you go down a route that is no doubt familiar to you by now: PayPal.

Not only can you make an income via PayPal but you could also use it to pay for many different things online. More and more well established and well known companies have the option to pay with PayPal now.

PayPal is pretty versatile and they will pretty much let you sell any form of product. However, if you have something to sell and you are really wanting to have a professional look you could try and have a look at: SagePay

So, Why not?

With zero set up costs for a lot of merchant accounts and their credit card processing services there really is no reason why you shouldn't look to get an account, here are some further reasons that you might have over looked:

Professionalism – Sometimes, when shopping online, you will be redirected to a different website when you are about to pay and thus placing your order. For me, and many many others, this can set alarm bells ringing. Your customers being worried is not something you want or need when just starting up and things may look a little rough around the edges. You need to look professional where ever possible and inspire confidence In your business and in the mind of your customer. Nobody like to feel unconfident at any point in life. When you have an account, your customers will be able to complete payment without leaving your website.

Ease of use – People sometimes get worried about the process of adding a merchant account to their website. At first I will admit, there is a lot to worry about, after all money IS involved. However, after a short learning curve (which have a million and one guides for every company you could possibly choose) you will not find the process too complicated. At the end of the day the provider you end up choosing will tell you exactly how to go through entire process as they too have an interest in any transaction you have going smoothly and customers having faith in your products.


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    • wedmed profile image

      wedmed 6 years ago from US

      I think, any e-commerce business is unbalanced without the Internet merchant account