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Online Shopping And Saving

Updated on November 16, 2016

It's true what they say about saving money by using the internet, but not always. You have to know when a street-level store is your best bet and be willing to shop around. Many of the same rules apply at the computer as they do when you browse in stores. What rules are those?

Shopping Rules for Saving Money

Firstly, stick with reputable brands. You know them by reputation, especially those which are online branches of traditional shops. If a store is generally trusted in the high street, it will be trustworthy online.

Take pride in being able to save! Lots of people lack the self-control or patience to shop around, but you need to. Imagine how you would kick yourself if you discovered that trying a few websites would have saved 10% on a recent, very large purchase.

Shop for quality, not just price. Today's products aren't built to last and become obsolete before they wear out. Still, beware of very cheap items from brands with no reputation or a bad one. You are online already; read several reviews of products while the computer is on and don't rush into a purchase. Sleep on it at least until the morning. Deals and discounts aren't always as good as they appear.

Online Mistakes

Be aware that prices will vary between Ebay, Amazon, and every other major internet retailer. The set price for an item, however, is just part one. What is the shipping cost? Do you earn loyalty rewards and cash back? What is the seller's reputation (Ebay and Amazon are not the sellers of their goods; they offer the web portal)? Are there coupons available for this purchase? (check out for amazon coupons by the way!)

Customers frequently prefer to assume that an online price is good without comparing prices to those at other sites or adding up the overall costs/savings/advantages. They don't want to take the time, and that's fine if they don't really care about a budget or saving money. Sometimes, sticking with what you know feels safest.

Another problem with internet shopping is that customers will make another assumption: that the site must be safe if it's running. If you don't see SSL or a logo for similar identity protection services from a web host, steer clear. Don't hand over your credit card details here.

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Online Possibilities

Among advantages to shopping over the internet is your opportunity to buy stuff from around the world. It's not always about saving money but sometimes about taking your chance to own an interesting item you love. This piece will not be available in stores where you live any time soon; at least not until mass marketing happens. Take this opportunity to be the proud owner of a unique article.

Some stores only operate online, not in shops. For the consumer who likes to support small, boutique businesses, this is your chance. Prices might not be excellent in such a case, especially where a product is made by hand or hand-machined, not factory produced; you aren't saving money as much as enjoying consumer privileges previous generations had no access to.

Then again, it's cheaper to arrange shipping than to embark on a trip somewhere in order to purchase an item which some consumers were willing to do. Online stores frequently use video media, write articles, and post pictures to give customers a 360-degree, multi-media view of products their clients would otherwise have to visit in person. Software makes it easy to be a virtual store clerk and tour guide.

The internet makes it possible to buy almost anything at a lower price, sometimes using coupons and promotional codes, sometimes because a site specializes in making big purchases and selling things for less. Items aren't always tangible; sometimes they are airline tickets and hotel rooms.

But tourist items are bought and sold in the same way as clocks and shoes. A dealer in tourism discounts will buy up a percentage of the seats offered for each journey and receives a great price. This site then sells them to consumers at a competitive rate and also runs seat sales to ensure all costs are recouped.

Deals might appear wonderful, but consider conditions and extra fees. They could amount to a bill close to what a competitor or even the airline or hotel would have offered directly. In fact, the hotel or airline might offer better deals to get rid of their rooms and seats too.

© 2016 Katie Lotsberg


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