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A Guide to Online Shopping

Updated on August 26, 2012

Online Shopping Guide

Online shopping is becoming the most important aspect of day to day buying and selling with people spending billions of dollar on purchasing goods and services. A good percentage of day to day transaction is now done online and also with many people coming to know about online shopping and actually buying things online, it is therefore very important to shed more light on the issue of online shopping so as to prevent making costly mistake(s) when doing online shopping.

Understanding the crucial aspects like how to guide against fraud when shopping online, How to find best online shops, How you can go about shipping to your country when the online seller is not shipping to your country, How to guide against fraud when buying from a seller ( i.e how to know a genuine seller), How to guide against fraud from hackers-who steal credit card information, How to go about getting quality cheap merchandise on net, How to make sure that you decrease the money you spend on shipping, How to protect yourself from online shopping addiction etc. therefore becomes very important and even compulsory for all online shoppers and this is why this blog is here.

First Things to Know When Shopping Online

The first thing to do when shopping is to make sure you are on the right site, you may check whether you dealing with a genuine site or not by using McAfee site advisor. Another thing to know is to check the list of prohibited commodities or restricted commodities in your country (this is necessary if you are buying from another country). You can check the list of prohibited commodities in your country by checking the custom service website of your country. You can imagine the disappointment one is going to have if you have just paid for a merchandise only to find out that you cannot ship the merchandise into your country because it is among the list of prohibited materials. Then what next after doing these two things? Expect the answer to the question in the next posts.

How to Guide Against Fraud When Buying From a Seller

1. The first thing to do is to check for the authenticity of the website. This can be done by using McAfee Site Advisor (this can be downloaded from McAfee).

2. Try to chat (if there is chatting option on the site) with the seller or his/her representative. You may also message the seller/seller’s representative if the seller is offline. Please note that if you send a message to a seller, you should get the reply in one or two days if you cannot get it and you cannot also chat with him/her then it is better you run away from such a seller because that means that he/she may not have time for you if you have problem with what you have bought.

3. If the online shopping website is not a popular type then you may need to read their privacy policy so as to know what they do with your account information. Although this is not very important but sometimes such information is useful.

4. If you are shopping from sites like then you may be confident when buying from their gold member (this is because gold member are special set of sellers that do genuine business). When buying from, you may look for the number of stars the seller has. If the seller is a new seller then you may rely on the customer feedback

5. Online auction site like ebay usually give the details of the product they are auctioning at a certain place on their page. So please look out for these details because they are usually very useful when trying to know the proper condition of what they are auctioning. (this is usually applicable when the merchandise is not a new one)

6. Check for the customer review/comment. This gives you an idea of how competent a seller is.

How to Protect Your Credit Card From Fraud

With millions of dollar lost to credit card information theft in every year, it is very necessary and important to know more about how to guide against credit card information theft. Some of the steps you can follow, if you want to protect your credit card information are

1. Make sure that your antivirus/spyware is updated every day or every other day. If you cannot afford buying an antivirus then you may download a free one from Microsoft website.

2. Make sure you don’t buy merchandise/services from insecure website. You can know whether a particular website has good security or not. If a website has http address then it is secure. Also when a website display a picture of padlock at its address page then it is a secure website.

3. Make sure you don’t write your credit card password/secret down on anything. If you must write it down, then please make sure you guide it jealously. You can do this by writing a code for the password instead of writing the password itself.

4. Don’t disclose your credit card information to anybody.

5. Never respond to email that ask you to send your credit card information.

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