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Best Online Shopping Sites with Free or Cheap International Shipping to Australia.

Updated on August 27, 2015
MayG profile image

May is a passionate online shopper, constantly looking for new sites offering bargains to offset the declining Australian dollar.

Overseas labels shipped to your door.

It's never been easier or cheaper to do some international shopping from the comfort of your own home. Many overseas websites are taking advantage of the strong interest from Australian consumers and are offering free, or very inexpensive, shipping to Australia and other countries.

An increasing number of international webites are now making it possible to shop in Australian dollars, so you can instantly see what something costs without having to worry about the current exchange rate.

This list of online favourites is by no means only for Australians, but my focus is on those sites that will ship to Australia for a reasonable price.


Shipping to Aus: Free for orders over $100, (or $10 for orders under $100).

Sells: Womenswear, shoes and accessories. Small range of gifts/homewares.

This is my favourite shopping website for its easy-to-use filters, fast shipping and prices shown in Australian dollars.

If you're looking for bargains, you can filter your search by items on sale, as well as by size. You can also search by designer or clothing style. For example, if you're searching for skinny jeans, Size 24, by Citizens of Humanity, you can select all of these filters. There's no need to wade through pages of items you're not interested in.

They have a huge range of brands from top designers(DVF, Marc Jacobs etc) to low-end like Blank denim and Velvet. I buy all my jeans on here for a fraction of what they cost in Australian stores.

You are able to quickly mark items as favourites to return to later, and also save items in a wish list, which is fantastic for keeping an eye on something you're hoping will be marked down. You can receive email alerts for when something in your 'Favourites' becomes low in stock or on sale.

Delivery is incredibly fast - often I've received my goods within a week.

You can shop in Aussie dollars and returning garments is a flat $35 fee. I've only returned one item. DHL came to my door, picked it up, and around a week later I had the money I'd paid for the item, (minus $35) back in my bank account.

Also, you will find more customer reviews on this site than on any other site listed here. They leave them all there, no matter how unflattering the review is to the item which is very helpful.


Shipping to Aus: Free on orders over $100 (or $10 for orders under $100).

Sells: Men's and Women's Fashion, Shoes and Accessories. offers a HUGE range of Men's and Women's clothing, accessories and shoes.

The good news is that it's easy to find what you want. Like Shopbop, Revolve has filters to find what you really want. Filter by size, colour, style, brand, price, percentage off - you name it, it's possible. Looking for a one-shoulder dress? Animal print? Select your search options and bingo! Your choices are listed for you.

Revolve clothing has a great range of designers for all price ranges. And amazing sales! In my one-shoulder dress search, I found gorgeous Halston Heritage dresses for under $300.

Revolve clothing also allows you to create your own 'boutique', where you can collect a range of Revolve goods on offer under your own boutique name. You can then choose to share this with your friends and earn commission on items purchased from your boutique.


Shipping to Aus: It can vary, but it is always low. Currently free express shipping on orders of US $100 or more.

Sells: Fashion items.

They sell a huge range of clothing, accessories, homewares ad beauty items - although some items may not be ship to Australia.

Saks is one of the premium department stores in the US, but by signing up to their Saks 'Fashionfix' email alerts, you can buy luxury labels at a fraction of the original price. Only thing is, most good items sell out fast, so you don't want to wait too long.

Their website is pretty easy to shop - some good filters to look for specific items.


Shipping to Aus: Free to Australia for orders $40 and over, otherwise $5.

Sells: Men's & Women's Clothing, Shoes, Accessories and Beauty Products

Asos offers their own brand which is stylish and great value, as well as over 850 other brands. Need some direction? Look in their 'Style Inspiration' section.

I don't find as many great labels as Shopbop and Revolve, mentioned above, but it is still one of the most popular sites for online shopping.

Detailed filters make it easy to quickly select what you are looking for, and you have the option to save items for later.


Shipping to Aus: Free on Orders over $50US. $10 for orders up to $49.99US.

Added bonus - Returns are only $5!

If you've been to the US, you're probably familiar with the slightly grungy, eclectic, funky Urban Outfitter stores that sell Men's and Women's clothing and offbeat homewares and gifts.

Their online store seems to have an even bigger range of clothing and homewares (mainly aimed at the young college student or twenty-something who has just moved out of home.)

Definitely worth a look - some great bargains to be had, as well as the chance to find something you don't see in every other store you walk into!


Shipping: Shipping to Aus $30 US for orders under US$150. $20 US for orders over $150. Just recently, they had a promotion offering free shipping to Australia on orders over $100US, so that's worth keeping an eye on.

Whilst Victoria's Secret is best known for its beautiful lingerie and sleepwear, this website is also chock-full of fantastic clothes as well as swimwear, workout gear and shoes. They also have their own range of beauty products. The tiny offering we have in VS stores in Australia are just a fraction of their product range.

You are now able to shop in the currency of your choice, which is much easier than trying to convert currency.

There's always some promotion or sale on, and nothing beats Victoria's Secret for a great range of sleepwear and underwear. Their swimwear is the only swimwear I'll buy.


Shipping to Aus: Free, except for fragrances.

At you can buy top brands for a fraction of what you pay for them in Australia.

I can say from experience that their customer service is fantastic, and if you have a problem with your order they will happily solve it for you.

A loyalty discount is offered which increases with each order until you reach a whopping 10% discount on each order. A discount is also offered for larger orders.

You can shop in Australian dollars on strawberrynet, so you can see what you are saving!


Sells: Skincare, Cosmetics and Fragrances

Shipping: Free to Australia

This is a lovely website to browse through and is a more stylish alternative to Sells a lot of top brands sold at Mecca and Sephora.

I ordered some This Works products, and they arrived within 2 weeks.

You are able to shop in Australian dollars and shipping is free!


Be wary of sites that use Fifty-One as their shipping agent. Nordstrom and Crate and Barrel use Fifty-One, and I usually find that the cost of shipping the item is more than the cost of the item itself. I often get as far as the checkout, see the cost of the shipping and cancel my entire order. If other sites can ship for less, than surely these stores can too! I am keeping a hopeful eye on them, and will update this hub if they reduce their shipping costs.

Got a Great Shopping Site? An Opinion? Let me know.

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  • htodd profile image

    htodd 5 years ago from United States

    Thanks MayG for the nice post..Awesome

  • Mike Mikky profile image

    Mike Mikky 4 years ago

    You can find an index of shops that ship internationally at

  • profile image

    Stephen Singh 21 months ago

    It was a very informative post. There is another wesbite which is catered to home products you should check it out.

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