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Online shopping websites in Nigeria and how to shop

Updated on October 15, 2012

Doing shopping at home or office

Nowadays in Nigeria, online shopping is in vogue as more and more internet savvy people, mostly the youthful generation have embraced shopping for products and services on the web.

There are equally a growing number of online websites at which Nigerians can shop online. Shopping online is getting relatively quite easy as anyone who has an internet connection and a bank account can place an order and get it delivered at his home or office.

Some Online shopping websites in Nigeria

  • Airtime/Bills:
  • Books, dvds and movies:,,,
  • Electronics:,
  • Fashion:,,,
  • Food:,
  • General shopping:,,,
  • Travel/Reservations:,,

How to shop online in Nigeria

Shopping online is relatively quite easy as all you basically need to do is go to the website of the merchant, choose the goods to order, make your orders online, arrange for payment or make immediate payment with your debit card(ATM) and expect delivery afterwards or do a pickup. A growing number of online shops in Nigeria tend to also offer buyers the option of making payment on delivery or pickup of tangible goods if they'd rather choose not to pay online immediately. However for most online services like hotel bookings, air travel bookings and so on, online payments or prepayments are generally required. To shop online with your bank issued debit card, you'd need to register an account with the merchant and then use your card number, expiry date and PIN on a secure site to which your are redirected after making your online order.

Deliveries and Payment

Some of these online shops do free deliveries on your orders within major cities like Lagos and Abuja and some offer delivery to everywhere in Nigeria after charging courier fees and for non perishable items. However, when ordering online and expecting delivery, you should know beforehand the arrangement. For some online orders I've personally made, I only made payment on delivery since it was their norm. So some online stores in Nigeria do accept payment on delivery or pickup. They are also other online stores that accept immediate payment either by bank deposit or online using your ATM card but not all Nigerians are too keen on paying with their ATM cards yet.

Things you need to shop online

  • A Nigerian debit card(ATM) or cash
  • Secure Internet connection

Types of payment methods acceptable

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Verve
  • Bank deposit
  • Cash on delivery
  • Vpay


There are still a growing number of online shopping websites in Nigeria and I will try to update the list if you can. You can also add more website you know of that allow online shopping in Nigeria. With online shopping, you no longer have to leave home or office to bargain for items at different shops. You can simply get the right prices you want by just logging on the web.


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