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Online spread betting

Updated on January 10, 2010

Online spread betting chart

Online spread betting

 If you are interested in financial spread betting then you will be happy to know you can open an online spread betting account without any hassle and have it approved right away. Online spread betting is a way for all investors to trade a variety of things online. Spread betting lets you trade many different stocks, commodities, house prices, indices and much more. There are many sites which will let you have the benefits of online spread betting, meaning you do not have to leave your armchair.

Why you should use online spread betting

 Online spread betting offers many advantages over stock trading online.

  1. Online spread betting gains are free from capital gains tax. This means you can make as much money as possible from financial spread betting and not have to worry about the tax man. If you make £100 000 on online spread betting, this is yours to keep. Stock trading gains above a certain threshold do need to be reported to the taxman.
  2. You do not need large sums of cash to open an online spread betting account. You can deposit as little as £100. This is because you can get away with backing £1 per point. This too is in contrast to stock trading which requires more money to purchase a decent quantity of stocks.
  3. Online spread betting is free from commission charges, as the charge is already featured into the difference between the buy and sell price. Less commission charges means more money for you.
  4. Online spread betting for those in the UK is free from stamp duty.
  5. Finally you can open an online spread betting account and be making money within minutes

Online spread betting- financial companies

Here are some of the places you can use online spread betting

Paddy Power Trader

IG Index

City Index


CMC Markets

Cantor Index

MF Global Spreads

Delta Index



ODL Markets


Online spread betting

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    • chamilj profile image

      chamilj 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Of course there are benefits in Spread Betting compared to stock trading.

    • profile image

      financialspreadbetting 7 years ago

      There are lot and lots of reasons why you should be financial spread betting