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Ontario Real Estate Agents Save their Real Estate License

Updated on March 25, 2011

Real Estate Agents In Ontario Canada

All Ontario real estate agents can park their license with a Broker who holds licenses and this also means the license is still registered with RECO. Ontario is very rich with real estate brokerages in good standing with RECO but most brokerages are full service businesses and are members of their local real estate boards and affiliated Associations. Most Brokerages that will hold and park a real estate license will spare the added costs to their registered agents by not incurring the cost themselves. In Ontario, if the brokerage is a Board member then all agents employed by that office will have to be members too in order to comply.

If you are thinking of placing your realty licence on park, just like other Realtors before you, your personal situation has probably changed recently or possibly for a while now and you hesitated on making a career-change decision. This could be because you may not have been aware of all your options available until now. The information here at this site will guide you to the best opportunity you will have to save and hold your real estate license active for your present and future use while reducing your costs dramatically. So then, Hanging your real estate license in Ontario refers to parking your license and you do this by finding a real estate brokerage firm that will not have extra fees attached to it.

Was Real Estate Sales Your First Choice?

Many well intentioned people go through the expense of time and money to obtain their real estate license and then learn that a better more favorable opportunity came along and are now stumped as to what to do with this real estate license. When it-your new career or job you sought after finally arrived, you will then be able to park your license for a very low fee with a popular park your license Brokerage. What do you do now? Do you go for it and if you do, what will you do with your realty license? Hundreds of Ontario real estate agents have chosen to park your realty licence and save huge amounts of money they would have spent the conventional way and all for nothing.

To Quit or not to Quit?

If you hang on to your realty license by "warehousing" it and staying registered with r.e.c.o. and your current brokerage, what will your expenses continue to cost you? Are you willing to continue to pay for these costs as you begin to travel a new path? Brokerages, real estate Boards like TREB-Toronto Real Estate Board- and associations like OREA-Ontario Real Estate Association- and CREA-Canadian Real Estate Association. You now have options or choices that will allow you to park your licence and save a lot of money. A low cost brokerage right here in Ontario registered with the real estate council of Ontario can help.

A Brokerage License Holder

Philip Caputi is the Broker of Record of New World 2000 Realty Inc., Brokerage and will assist you with your decision and is readily available toll free at 1-800-537-1931. Philip has been helping real estate agents all across Ontario for well over 10 years. Reduce your operating costs while you still sell real estate or refer your sales to the agents and Brokerages of your choice. Park your license for a very low fee and have the experience of a trusted Broker supporting you along the way. Park your license Testimonials


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