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9 Ways To Invest In Silver

Updated on June 9, 2016

Throughout the history, silver has closely followed gold in terms of popularity. It has never lost its sheen even after its discontinuance as a currency standard across various nations. Times of economic uncertainty and rising demand have been the key drivers of its price, more in present times than ever before. Once again the advantages of silver investing outweigh its disadvantages. If you look at silver as a safe investment, you have several options to consider:

What type of silver investment do you prefer?

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  • Silver bullion coins. Bullion coins are legal tenders made of fine silver that carry token face values. The actual price of a coin is derived from weight of the metal and it prevailing spot price. Some premium toward product, shipping and handling costs is also included. Some of the most popular silver coins are Canadian Maple Leaf, Mexican Libertad, American Silver Eagle, Chinese Silver Panda, Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic, British Silver Britannia, etc.
  • Silver rounds. These are similar to coins except that they are minted by private entities. Therefore, they cannot be treated as legal tenders. Rounds from the famous brands enjoy higher premiums. They have liquid markets and comparatively more economical as compared to bullion coins.
  • Numismatic coins. Also known as collector’s coins, these mintages are antique and often have some historical importance. Their values based upon their rarity, date of issue, grade (BS-1 to MS-70) or other factors instead of on their silver content. There is certain subjectivity associated with the valuation of numismatic coins that makes less reliable for investments.
  • Silver junk coins. These coins are also antique U.S. coins that were issued as legal tenders, but lack any numismatic value. They are sold in bags of certain purity, say 90%, rather than as single pieces. They are highly liquid when traded in small lots and carry very small premiums.

In the long term, silver offers better returns than gold.

  • Silver bars. Silver bars are quite popular type of silver investments and are much cheaper than coins or other types. The cost of production for silver bars is less than coins, but they lose out on higher transportation, handling and storage costs. Silver bars come in varying weights up to 15 kg, 1 oz and 10 oz being the most popular ones.
  • Exchange traded funds. Exchange traded funds or ETFs are similar to mutual funds, where the underlying asset is silver reserves. However, not all funds are backed by physical silver holdings. The non-physically backed funds have silver futures as the underlying assets. They represent the most liquid form of silver investment.
  • Silver futures. These are derivative instruments that silver futures are exchange-traded and structured as standardized contracts for future delivery of the metal at a predefined price.
  • Jewelry. Jewelry is one of the less profitable silver investments because the designing and crafting charges form a sizable part of the purchase price that cannot be recovered later.
  • Industrial forms. Silver that was originally designed for industrial use, such as wires, sheets, chunks, etc. do not enjoy an active market, yet may be sold to recycling entities. These items are valued on the basis of their silver content.

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