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Finding a Job That Can Be Done at Home

Updated on January 12, 2012

Work From Home Basics

Outsourcing work to home workers isn't as rare as it sounds. Dozens of large, well-known companies are now using home workers to handle their phone calls, answer customer emails and enter their data.

To get a work at home position, there are a few things you need to know:

Be Punctual- One of the biggest problems that outsourcing companies have is workers who aren't reliable. They turn in work late and make excuses for poor work or simply disappear. When your employer can't see you, it especially important to let the company know that you are reliable.

Have an Updated Resume and/or Portfolio- For any job, you should have a professional resume ready in a Word file. If you are looking for a creative job like writing or Web design, create a simple website that highlights your work. This doesn't have to cost you much- Google offers free hosting for simple websites, or you can start a free blog that has in-depth information about your experience.

Network Online- Find a busy forum dedicated to your area of interest and discuss your experience with the members. Once you start networking, you can expect to find information about online positions, and you may even be hired by forum members.

Work From Home Positions

Call Centers

Call centers may offer employee positions or independent contractor arrangements, depending on the company. These often pay by the minute or by the hour. Per-minute rates may have lower hourly rates because you aren't paid when there are no phone calls coming in. Companies that offer these work from home jobs include West, LiveOps and Alpine Access.

Web Designers, Graphic Designers

Thousands of people every day need these services. You can make more money by offering your services to large companies, but many find it easier to offer them to individuals and small businesses. Both are usually freelance arrangements. Go to and to find available projects.

Writing, Editing

Writing and editing online are also in-demand skills that are needed by multitudes of clients. Everyone from individuals to multi-national corporations is in search of people to write and edit for them. Elance, Guru and Odesk all have freelance writing and editing jobs.

Video Editing

Businesses increasingly use video to market their products and services, and they need video editors to help get it all done. Companies like Demand Studios and VWorker have projects for video editors.

Tutoring Students

It is possible to find your own tutoring students who you help through online chat o video conferencing. An easier option, however, is to apply to a tutoring website. These site already have online tutoring "rooms" set up for you to use, and they already have students who need tutors. These positions pay an hourly rate.

There are many, many other skills that can be used online to make money from your home. Virtually anything that you can do is in demand online.


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